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Starting From Scratch With Article Marketing

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Article Marketing is the easiest and the most basic way to generate backlinks and traffic to your website. Starting in article marketing is very easy because you can either write an article yourself or outsource the writing to someone else. There are no special skills involved, no expensive tools to buy, and the best thing is no experience is necessary. Here is an outline of things that will make you successful when starting from scratch with article marketing.

Write an article

There are two ways of writing an article. One way is to write the article yourself. Writing an article yourself is not hard at all if you know the topic and are passionate about your product or service. A lot of people overcomplicate writing thinking that in order to write a good article you need to have a degree in English writing. This is simply not the case.

In fact many search engines love to hear opinions of regular folks written in simple English. Write an article in a way as though you are talking to a friend. Try to describe your product or service to your friend or your mom. That is exactly the style that you want the article written. Another way of getting the article written is to outsource it. If you still think that writing is not for you, don’t worry there is a solution! Simple outsource your article writing to or There is a whole army of writers on these sites who are ready to write for you for a very nominal fee.

Article Distribution

Now that your article is ready, it is time to start letting everyone know about it. There are many ways of article distribution. In this example we will just go over a few.

1) Article Directories

You can take the article you have written and distribute it to article directories. This is important because many major article directories have loyal group of reader. Therefore, now your article will be available to people who are consistently frequent particular article directories. Article Directory distribution is very successful method to get new reader to click through to your website and find out more about your products and your services. In addition, make sure that you leave a link in the resource box of an article so that people know where to go in order to get more information.

2) Guest Posting

There are over a billion websites on the internet and somebody out there has a blog about your topic. Since it is very important to write new content, a lot of blog owners are constantly on the look out for fresh and exciting content. Therefore, you can provide an article to be published on somebody else’s website or a blog. In return you article will be visible to a lot more people and you will get a valuable link that will point to your website or a blog.

Starting from scratch with article marketing is easy. Simply write a simple 500 word article or have it written by somebody else, distribute this article to article directories or guest post on somebody else’s blog, and repeat this cycle as many times as you like.

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