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An Internet Guru's Guide To Successful Newsletters


An Internet Guru's Guide To Successful Newsletters
Long before social networks dominated the earth, emails played a much prominent role in businesses getting the attention of their customers or prospects. There is a great deal of content written out there that downplays an email’s effectiveness. Nonetheless, given that social networks have progressively become more tied with unproductivity, email marketing is again riding a resurgence.
Come to think about it, what is the only communication platform that is being utilized by the most workplaces by default? It certainly isn’t Facebook. I once read somewhere that US businesses generally lose an hour a day of their employee productivity due to browsing the social networking giant. This study has prompted many business owners and executives to ban the use of these platforms from the workplace. This leaves email platforms the best way to reach the most people while they are at work, which is where most people spend the largest chunk of their day other than at home.
Use these tips, which came from internet gurus with proven internet marketing business, to leverage your business through the age-old power of newsletters.

Be Consistent

The first concern a business newsletter needs to plan for is the consistency of the emails. You want to be sending out regular updates, but you also do not want to flood the inboxes of your recipients. Remember that it only takes them a single click to tag your email as spam. After that, all your following emails would go straight to the spam folder. Sending a bi-weekly newsletter should be enough to strike that balance you’re after.

Time your Deliverable Perfect

From what we’ve gathered, most experts agree that the best day and time to send your newsletters are in the early morning and noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Plenty of analytics exists to support that emails received at this time are more likely opened and read.

Segment Your Audience

Having an in-depth knowledge of what your customers’ outlook towards you is vital. You wouldn’t want to keep sending out hard sells to your loyal customers don’t you? In the same manner, if it’s a bunch of prospects you’re going to send to, you’ll want to tempt them with promotions, freebies, and downloads. Doing so adds tangible value to your email for those who have yet to build up trust with your business.

Find a Powerful Email Marketing software

There’s nothing wrong with using free email clients, however, every internet entrepreneur would tell you that there’s just no getting around having a robust email marketing software. You’d want to find a product with excellent deliverability and features. Pure Leverage seems to be the new darling on this block.

Find a Compelling Template

Without a doubt, the number one reason why businesses forego the advantage of email newsletters is due to the difficulty in composing a professional, compelling and interesting email campaign. What’s surprising though is you can grab a copy of something that works. Some are free and others are paid, often it’s best to find the ones that are paid.

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Michael E. Rivera is a dedicated social media consultant. He’s one of those fully committed to a project such as the one he’s engaged with now – Pure Leverage.
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