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3 Ways to Prepare Your Blog for Christmas

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Christmas is a time of celebration, everybody knows that. And everywhere you visit around the world, both offline and online, only remind you of it. And we must agree that Christmas also has its effect on us bloggers. If you are a blogger who schedules 5 to 10 articles for your blog on normal days, I bet you’ll only be able to do half of that now. And going this way can only reduce the traffic and rankings of your blog, if you can’t find something to do. 

3 Ways to Prepare Your Blog for Christmas
Given, you can’t blot out yourself from the merry and celebrations going around just because you want to focus your attention on your blog and on the other hand, you can’t leave your blog to die for the sake of Christmas. There has to be a way to do things without making one suffer for the sake of the other. And this is when the tips I’ll be sharing in this article become relevant. 

Start Generating Ideas When you Have the Chance 

Generating ideas for your future blog posts is one of the best ways to prepare your blog for this Christmas. If you are the type that writes quality articles for your blog every day, you’ll want to agree with me that when you have ideas for the article you want to write for your blog, half of your work is done!
So if you are only left with half of the amount of time you usually had, having your post ideas ready can help you maximize your time and also help you keep your blog going.
At least, I have more than twenty post ideas for my diamond international discounts and allurez coupon blog which I plan to use during the Christmas.

Schedule Your Blog Posts Ahead 

Another great way to make sure your blog stays afloat during this festive period is by scheduling your articles for the days you know you won’t have the opportunity to write any. If there is any better way to do this, it is by making yourself write more articles than you initially do now. If you always write two articles before, you can write four and schedule the other two to publish on a later day, advisable on a very busy day.
And if doing this is going to be stiff for you, you may have to consider doing what I’m sharing below.

Hire Writers or Request for Guest Posts 

Hiring writers can be a bit expensive but it’s worth it when you consider the benefit you are going to derive from it. When you’ll be busy with your friends during Christmas, your writers can be writing blog posts for your blog without you having to do the job yourself.
If your budget will not allow you to hire writers, you can do it in a simpler way, by asking people to write for you as guest authors. Many people will be willing to give you an article for free in exchange for a backlink on your blog.

John Edget is a blogger who loves to review and compare software and applications related to internet security, antivirus, family monitoring and registry cleaning. For more information click here.
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