Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Circle Me on Google+ if You Don’t Exists


Circle Me on Google+

I’m not posting anything on my blog since last 6 months because I moved to Google+. Google+ is now only platform where you can interact with me because I’ve have given everything for Google+ from email to facebook, from twitter to blogging, etc.

Since Google+ is an interest based network here are the suggested circles you can put me in:
• Bloggers: Blogging since 1995 :P
• Fun and Interesting :D
• Technology: 90% of my post are about tech related stuff.
• Social Media: 70% of my posts are about social media
• Google+ Related Stuff: I share significant amount of posts about Google+
• Humor: I do share funny stuff every now and then.
• Blogspot Bloggers: I’ve two major blogspot blogs.
• Fun Stuff: Self Explanatory.
• Hot News
• Google+ Tips: I share lots of Google+ tips.
• Google+ Helpers: Need any help with Google+? DM me..
• Must Follow :D

Why you should circle me?
1. You want interesting content in your stream.
2. We have similar interest eg: Gaming, Android, Google, Social Media etc.
3. You love my Blog :D
4. You love Google+
5. For other reasons.

Awesome People I've found via Google+
1. Awesome Bloggers and SEO Experts: Mark Traphagen, Lee Smallwood and Ivan Dimitrijević
2. Tech Genius like Eli Fennell and Patrick Sharpe
3. Helpful Plussers like Jaana NyströmLaurie DesAutels, Gabriel Vasile, Denis Labellestephanie wanamakerBud Hoffman and Hannah Roberts
4. Fun and Interesting: Elle Gray
5. Incredible Artists like Bearman Cartoons and Paul Stickland
6. Interactive Plussers like Max HuijgenMaria Stepanov Sommerfield and Marc Jansen
7. Photographers like Victor BezrukovSteve Gillpio dal cinSusanne Ramharter and Michael Stuart
8. Awesome Googlers like Neeta Tolani and Karthik Nagaraj
9. Hangout and Marketing experts like Yifat Cohen and Luis Galarza
9. Awesome Writers: Giselle Minoli
10. Foodies Jake Croston

I will see you on Google+

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