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Why Write For Us? 

Traffic: Since Technicia Blog has been visited by thousands of visitors daily it will boost your traffic to great extent but only if your article is SEO friendly and well very informative for targeted audience.

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What you should write about?

Here on Technicia Blog we majorly focus on Technology News and Gadgets reviews so you can send us your article on both topics. Not only that we also publish how to's article on social media tips and blogging tips so they are also allowed.

You can write on the following topics :

Technology, Social Media tips and tricks, Softwares(OS, Games etc,), Gadgets news and reviews, SEO basics and advance tips,Blogging, Android tips, Internet, make money online and Much more.

You can even suggest other topics which can suite you the most.

How to send your Article?

You can send us your article on following email address:


Please send your guest post only in .docx format or send us full HTML code of your article along with proper author bio data to the email address provided above.

Requirements :

1.Your post must be 100% unique

2.Don’t share submitted post to any blog, forum or directory.
(Duplicate Content will be removed without any notification).

3.Embed at least one image related to your topic.

4. Article must be written in professional manner with a minimum of 700 words.

5.Article should not be too lengthy ( it should not exceed 2500 words).

Not Allowed :

1. offensive Content
2. Duplicate Content
3. Illegal Content
4. Paid or Sponsored Articles/Links
5. Affiliate Links in Articles
6. Shameless Self Promoted Posts/Articles
7. Link To spammy site
8.Fake Author Information

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