Thursday, 26 January 2012

4 Ideal Courses to Improve your Employability

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Unsurprisingly, e-learning courses are becoming increasingly popular year by year. It’s well known and documented that they provide important skills to people who are already in the workplace, and therefore have limited time available to dedicate to courses. The primary benefits of e-learning are that they are:
  • More affordable
  • Less time consuming
  • More flexible
  • More accessible
Everyone understands the simple fact that the job market is possibly the most competitive area that they will ever engage in. Simply looking for and acquiring a suitable job with career possibilities is a massive undertaking, and your chances can hinge on the tiniest factors. It’s not all doom and gloom though, you just need to take the extra steps that keep your employability at a maximum – something that reduces the competition against you dramatically.
Which e-learning courses you study will, naturally, depend on your field of interest, but here are some of the top ones which would be a major asset almost regardless of your industry.

  • Sales
It barely matters what kind of sales training you choose to engage in, all of it is going to look good on your C.V. The more it appears that you could have your company (or prospective company) grow its brand awareness or move its products, the more of an asset you are. Whether you’re a writer, web designer, call centre agent or a store clerk – sales will impact your efficiency when it comes to marketing your company and their products.
  • SEO
Search engine optimisation is more suited towards any career which has you dealing with the masses online, on behalf of your organisation. SEO is really about creating online brand awareness, a vital aspect of business success today. Whether you’re running your company’s online social media platforms, posting content on the company site or publishing blog content – SEO skills allow you to make your work much more visible on the net.
  • Project Management
Regardless of your current position within your company, or if you’re still looking for work, this is a qualification which shows aspirations of leadership. The ability to lead is a natural one, but if even an ember burns within you, then a good course can evolve those latent skills. Most successful companies are willing to invest heavily in employees who show true leadership skills, as they’re vital to the growth of a company and its long term goals.
  • Basic Accounting
Numbers aren’t for everyone, so a comprehensive accounting course isn’t necessarily what we’re talking about, but being able to perform simple bookkeeping would certainly make you more of an asset. It hardly matters what your position is or if your company has a full time accountant, this is a skill which few people have and a company would be pleased to have another person with some experience in it – it’s also something that would benefit you greatly in your personal life.

Warren Kings is an experienced content writer who enjoys taking online courses to improve his skills, especially sales management courses and project management courses.
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