Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to Increase Alexa Rank of Blogspot Blogs

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Recently Google has changed their changed blogspot urls to country specific custom top level
domain. That means if a your site has been visited from different country other than US your
visitor will get a different version of your blog with same content. For example if a visitor from
India or Australia visits your site than he/she will get a URL of your blog as
and respectively.

This will surely affect your Alexa Ranking if it doesn't affect your seo or Google PageRank as
Alexa will read different data for your different URL of your blog and that will totally destroy
your Alexa rankings.

So the question is "how to Increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blogspot Blogs from country-specific
URL?"OR "How to force Alexa to record your data from different version of your blog for .com
version of your blog?"

Well the answer is simple install alexa traffic widget on your blog.

Actually this is a trick to force alexa to even record your traffic from country specific domain of
your blog version of your blog, as if a visitor from certain country visits your
blog and hover his/her mouse

over alexa traffic widget then alexa will count those impression for .com version of your blog.

How to install this widget?

For this head over to following link and enter your the URL of your blog and you will be
provided with different codes, choose which suites best for your blog or which gives
pleasure to your eyes :P

I have chosen 120 x 95 for obvious reasons(I won't tell you why :P).

Here is a Alexa Traffic Widget for Technicia Blog.

Where Should you place this widget?

I think the best place to put this widget is at top of your page or near your content.
Place is at different location and see what works best for you.

Load Time

This may affect your load time, probably few milliseconds but it worth installing, if you
want to increase your Alexa ranking.
Note: If you want minimise the risk of downtime due to this widget, place it at the bottom
of your page after body section.

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