Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 – The Last Resort

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The word is that AT&T, Microsoft and Nokia have thrown everything – including the proverbial kitchen’s sink – to ensure that the soon to be released Nokia Lumia 900 is a technological marvel. Considering the fact that the future of the abovementioned trio pretty much rests on the phone being a cellular masterstroke, few would doubt that claim. The Lumia 900 needs to get an overwhelming response from the masses, for the skewed market scale to finally show some inclination towards Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. And Nokia and Microsoft have a narrow window of opportunity to make their mark since both Samsung and Apple are waiting in the wings, so to speak.

Nokia Lumia 900 – The Last Resort

The Windows Phones have been a miss in the U.S. so far, and if another one of its releases bites the dust in Uncle Sam’s land it might just be the final nail in the coffin, as far as being a competitor in the American market is concerned – and who knows maybe globally as well.
The Lumia 900’s price – $99.99, with a two-year contract – is quite eye catching, but what is being questioned is whether or not Nokia and Microsoft would be able to generate significant interest with this modest price tag, before Samsung launches its next Galaxy phone or Apple releases iPhone 5. Failure in doing so would only benefit Samsung’s next release; since barring an instant impact from the Lumia 900 the minds would immediately shift towards the rumors surrounding the release of the next Galaxy phone. To cut to the chase, in simple words it is pivotal that Lumia 900 reaches out to as many buyers as possible before Apple and Samsung return to the limelight.
It’s not merely popularity that’s at stake. The future of Nokia and Windows Phones is on the line with this release. As mentioned earlier, the U.S. isn’t exactly an established market for Nokia’s smartphones. It’s more of an emerging market that needs to be capitalized upon, and this can offset competition elsewhere, for example China and Europe. Nokia’s quest of warding off the challenge of Android phones and Apple’s iPhone rests on the Lumia 900’s performance in the U.S.
Nokia’s annual report tells us that merely 4 percent of its sales originated from North America in 2011. And even this number is a 1 percent reduction on the numbers posted in 2010. Hence, if Nokia can get traction in the U.S. it would be a massive boost for its overall numbers, and one can expect things to move forward and AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft might just end up instigating a customer gaining spree. However, that ‘if’ is about the size of Eiffel Tower.
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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Google+ Gives You Control over Your Online Reputation

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The Internet is here to stay. It affects every part of life including the social and business aspects. This is where online reputation management becomes a necessary tool to make sure that you are aware of what is going on with your reputation. Reputation management is about maintaining what is going on with you and having some control over your presence on the Web.

Google+ Gives You Control over Your Online Reputation with hangout, circles and more.

Google+ is one way to have that control. The services offered by them gives you options for controlling who is in your circle and who you would like to share information with such as videos, photos, links, etc. There are three steps to the process. Set up your profile and then create your circles to start sharing. This allows you the means to control your online reputation.

In creating your profile, you set up the basic information that you want to share. Add other information about yourself and then set your privacy levels. The last step in creating your profile is very important. Privacy settings allow you to control that sees beyond your basic profile. You get to choose who will photo tag you, who comment on your posts and who will send you notifications.

Creating your circles is very important in controlling your online reputation. You get to make sure that the right people see the right things. You are able to monitor who sees what and that is a great feature of Google+. This feature allows you to set what your friends see specifically and what your employer can see specifically.

The promotion of Google+ is that you share. Whether sharing involves videos, links or chats, the goal is to have great conversations. You can respond to posts by sharing or adding others to an ongoing conversation by forwarding posts.

Google+ has other features that help you have a rewarding experience. You can add tags in the photo section to images of you with others. This is a great feature for family and friends. There is an option to turn on “find my face.” This lets others add tag of you.

Hangouts is an application on Google+ that allows you to add up to nine people in a video chat session. This is great asset when you want to communicate with more than one person and generate lots of fun.
Social networking has become an integral a part of our culture. Whether the social networking is for business or pleasure, Google+ does give you the opportunity to manage that part of your online presence. As the social networking medium becomes larger and larger in the culture of today, the more instrumental it becomes in affecting and influencing lives.

This means that you want to take advantage of a tool that gives you the opportunity to manage your online reputation. With a tool like Google+, you can do just that. The advantage of arranging your communication circles and what information gets shared with whom is great stride in the right direction for using social networking.

As a matter of fact, the more the medium continues to grow, more and more personal information is collected about you. Google+ allows you to be the navigator in this forum. The more control you have over who sees what regarding you, the better control you have over your online reputation.

Since social networking is a very active part of life now, it is important to seek out tools that help maintain and control your online reputation. Google+ is one such tool. The option to share what you want and need to rather than having someone else have the control is what makes Google+ a great choice.
While online reputations have pluses and minuses, the big plus is you having control over yours. Applications will continue to be developed and fine tuned in this respect and the necessary thing will always be the ability to control and manage your online reputation.

As a Blogger I find Google+ a great tool for Business. Google+ for business is far better than others due to its seo value and many other factors.
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You can check out all the features of Google+ and make a decision as to what you want to share. Whether your choice is for business or pleasure, the application is a good place to share. More than anything protection of your online presence is in your hands.

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Barry Woolley is a social media expert dedicated in writing articles related to social media, internet marketing, online reputation management, blogging and other internet related topics. He always wanted to share his knowledge with people interested in the same field. Barry started teaching social media topics in some Universities around Stockton, California and still continuous talking on other Universities until today.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

3 Good Ways To Get Cash For An Old Mobile

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With the dizzying rate that new cell phones are introduced in the US, it’s a wonder we aren’t changing our phones every week. However we are changing them every two years on average and early adopters probably switch up to a new phone every year, which then leads to a tremendous amount of cell phones that are then in need of recycling and or a new home.

If you happen to upgrade to a new cell phone more frequently than the rest of us, it might be time to weigh your options when it comes to discarding your old mobile. You can leave it sitting in your sock drawer to collect dust or you can sell it to a third party agency that will then find it a new more deserving home - than your sock drawer and all the while, you can make a bit of coin in the process.

So let’s take a look at three good ways to get cash for your old mobile, that don’t require too much of your time plus - anyone can try the three methods described below.

1. Sell Locally via Craigslist 

For a quick offline sale, you can’t beat the behemoth of local sales - Craigslist. Assuming you live in the US and in a big and nicely populated city, this method is most likely your best bet for a quick local sale. If you’re wondering about costs? To list your item and to message any prospective buyers is completely FREE, which makes this option inexpensive as well. Selling (and buying) is pretty straightforward as the site is simple, minimalistic and intuitive. Just about anything can be sold via this site as there are numerous categories in the “for sale” section including electronics, cell phones, household and more.

2. Sell Online Via Gazelle 

If you rather not fool with Craigslist or buyers directly, then an online option might be best suited for you. Gazelle is one of the better known gadget recyclers which includes cell phones and smartphones and handles everything for you neatly, quickly and for not too much. Essentially you send in your mobile, they inspect it and then let you know what it’s worth. If it has value past a certain dollar amount, Gazelle then sends you a check in the mail for its value.

3. Sell To Your Social Network 

I have several family members and friends who opt to use Facebook for the recycling of their gadgets. They simply post that they have such and such item they no longer need or want and offer it up to the highest bidder or quickest buyer. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that your social network is one of the best ways to get cash for your old stuff including used cell phones, such as older model iPhone’s. Simply post about it as a status update on Facebook and watch the sweet offers roll in.

Nowadays it has become easier than ever to responsibly discard of older tech and gadgets, and when a bit of  money comes into the equation as well, it’s a no brainer really. Whether you want to do a quick local unload, go online to a third party agent or ask your social network, it’s easier than ever to get cash for old mobile phones and other gently used tech.

What is your preferred way to get cash for old mobile phones? Tell me below in the comment area please.

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Missy writes for various clients including a reverse cell phone lookup service provider online. When she’s not busy dishing on mobile news topics, she rides her scooter, jogs around the lakefront and loves a good cup of joe.
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