Friday, 27 January 2012

New Phone Cases Claim To Improve Sound Quality From Portable Devices

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The Consumer Electronics Show, better known simply as CES, is the largest convention of any kind in the world. Each January in Las Vegas, more than 150,000 people come together to show the world what will be new and exciting in the tech world during the coming year. Everything from computers and smartphones to home theater gear and high-end audio is on display throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Venetian Hotel. The show spans millions of square feet of show space, and stretches the category of consumer electronics to include automotive tech, home appliances, and just about anything else with an on/off switch. Due to the prevalence of mobile gadgets, there’s even an entire room dedicated to accessories such as phone cases. Of course, iPhone cases abound, as do decorative and protective accessories for just about every other mobile device, from tablet computers and e-readers to GPS devices.

Every year since cell phones became commonplace, phone case manufacturers have introduced new accessories, hoping to become the must-have hit of the year. Some manufacturers, such as OtterBox and G-Form, have made a name for themselves by creating tough (though bulky) cases than can withstand bouncing around in a bag, and even falling to the floor time and time again. Other manufacturers are all about style, offering phone cases with some flare. And occasionally, someone comes along and offers a case that promises to do more than just look good and protect what’s inside.

One such newcomer to the world of phone cases is Divoti. Divoti is certainly a style-conscious company, but its new iPhone case claims to offer more than just good looks. Dubbed the Case Titan, this titanium case was first unveiled on January 10th at CES. Divoti is quick to point out that the case is made from the same metal that NASA uses to line space shuttles. According to Divoti CEO Ronald He, the stylish new Case Titan not only protects iPhones better than any other case, it also “dramatically improves the audio quality of music you listen to.” He says that the Case Titan, which can be yours for a mere $180, is “so unique that we have patented it.”

The case will be marketed to the audiophile demographic, for whom sound good quality usually trumps all else – including a reasonable price tag. Audiophiles are very accustomed to seeing such unlikely tweeks advertised with claims of drastic improvements in sound quality. For some, the idea of a metal case that can improve thesound coming from the iPhone within would be laughable. These audiophiles require solid scientific explanations for products claiming to improve sound. But others are happy to buy a product that they don’t understand from a scientific perspective, as long as it produces (for them) a perceivable improvement in sound quality. After all, many of us don’t know exactly how a microwave oven works (or an iPhone, for that matter), but we use them because we know that they work. Divoti is hoping that these audiophiles will take the plunge on the Case Titan.

For those familiar with Divoti as a company, it should come as no surprise that these claims of improved sound quality with the Case Titan come with a somewhat hazy scientific explanation. Divoti is known mainly as a maker of “health jewelry,” the kinds that uses magnets “as a health booster [for] better blood circulation and being able to release lactic acid, which alleviates muscle pain and enhances the quality of sleep.” In the case of the Case Titan, the use of pure titanium combined with “the rare earth metal, germanium” is said to provide an improvement of sound quality even when using “the most basic headphones.” In fact, Divoti claims that the case can make the ear-buds that come free with the iPhone sound comparable to high-end branded headphones. Even the most open-minded audiophile would find this claim suspicious, if not downright dubious. But who knows? Maybe the Case Titan will be the must-have hit of 2012.

New Phone Cases Claim To Improve Sound Quality From Portable Devices. Learn More at
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