Tuesday, 31 January 2012 blogs are now transferred to In India

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What the f*** is how I responded when I saw my alexa rank dropped from 180,000 to more than one million,seriously how Google can do it without any notification.

I think this is global change for all blogspot users, for example if you are living in India your blogspot
URL will be changed from to for indian visitors(my Guess).

I have tried to access my blog in other countries using proxy sites and noticed no change there, so
change this might be for Indian users only or for local blogs( it is unclear now as we have not noticed any announcement from Google or blogger team).

When I saw My my blogspot blog is transferred to .in, it was very frustrating experience for me
and it must be frustrating for other bloggers also.

How This Change Will Affect Your Blog?

Backlinks: No more backlinks to your new address and this is ridiculous as building Backlinks is not an easy job, I have spent about one year to build backlinks and that hurts a lot.

Alexa Rank: Your alexa rank will reduced to zero. Also Alexa will now record your data from different domains and assign different rank for them.

Page Rank: This will affect your page rank, my page rank dropped from 2 to zero.

Social Media Share: It will affect your social media share due to the presence of multiple url's of the same post. Personally I don't care about social media share numbers but I care about traffic and number of plus one's I get as it affect my seo and organic traffic.
Note: It will not affect facebook likes, if you have placed canonical tag on your blog.

Traffic: I don't think this will affect your traffic as your visitors are redirected from old URL's to new one.

SEO: will this affect your seo? my answer is both yes and no, yes because you will loose all your backlinks and pagerank and no because it will not affect your content.

Update1: Yes, it will affect your search engine optimisation(SEO) as crawler will find duplicate content from your site on many different domains and thus it will downgrade your rankings in search engine.
Conclusion: Ultimately it will kill your blog.

Update2: As .com version of your blog is still there for visitors from other countries, it will not kill your backlinks but it does affect your Alexa rank and Page Rank.

Update3: Use canonical tag on your blog to minimise any traffic loss due to duplicate content, also if you wish to visit .com version of your blog then use NCR(stands for "No Country Redirect") URL.

For example will always redirect you to .com version of your blog.

Update4: This update is rolled out in Australia and soon will be rolled out in every country except
US(I guess)

Blogspot URL in  Australia has been changed to from

Update5: For Update explained by Google support click here

Update6: This is change is driven by the ongoing hearing against Google Inc in the Delhi High Court
and censorship issue in various other countries. Also this change gives Google the ability to selectively censor the blogspot blogs in various countries. For example, if you are living in india and Indian government orders Google to block your blog then Google can simply remove your .in version of your blog without affecting .com version of your blog.

What You can Do? 

There is nothing you can do about, Google want this change and they have imposed it.


If you are affected by this move then you should buy a custom domain to protect your blog from future changes or you can just export your blog to other blogging platform like wordpress.

Your Thoughts

What you think about this change made by Google and how this will affect you, lets discuss this
thing in comment section below or you can add your thoughts on Google+

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Is E-Mail Out and Social Media In?

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There was once a time, apparently during the dinosaur days, when communication was between two or more speaking individuals who met face to face with each other. Throw in a few attempts with the modern technology of the times, a cup and string, Morse code and the like, and we find ourselves all the way into the 21st century with more communication options than we can shake a stick at. Who knows, perhaps all in good time something amazing will be done simply by shaking a stick, as well.

"Who Am I Speaking With, Please?"

As we run down the list of communication alternatives, it is interesting to note the growth that takes place within the realm of each specific creation. The old-fashioned telephone, which was once considered the most popular and most effective way of communicating with friends, neighbors and those in far-away lands has been upstaged by fanciful phones that not only connect two or more people through the magic wires, but also provide pictures, games and cameras all-in-one. What a lovely surprise for us all, or so we assume.

Computers have been designed to "do the work for us." Little did we know it would do almost all of the work of personal communicating, period. Certainly this incredible creation is one to be admired and appreciated. However, it would seem evident that people still actually enjoy talking to real people. Add one point for ingenuity and remove one point for incomplete planning, or anti-social media games at the very least.

Social Media or Anti-Social Media, That Is The Question

As the never-ending yet always creative methods of communication continue, we find ourselves within today's technological updates being swept away with electronic e-mails and online social networking or social media. The buzzword protocols fluctuate almost as much as technologies do. E-mail was once the amazing new creation that seemed almost unfathomably available for the regular Joe. Mostly beginning in the work setting, e-mail made communicating easier, faster and organized. Spreading news around was a breeze. Hence another new name for electronically reaching even further out into the world is born. We dub this new protocol as social media news.

Is Social Media Becoming a Preferred Method of E-Communication?

Social media news extends far beyond that of ancient e-mail. In fact, social media news capacities are spreading like wildfire in homes, offices and personal spaces everywhere. Corporations are beginning to realize that e-mail could be losing ground. The attraction flows toward newer methods of communication that deliver audio and visual capacities in place of answering and organizing hundreds of e-mails on a daily basis. Many believe that e-mail actually slows down productivity due to the constant maintenance factor.

Somewhere down the line we have to ask ourselves what kind of value systems donning so many avenues lined with indirect contact with our peers is really doing to our world. Social media certainly does have its advantages. Perhaps a little more personalized one-on-one mixed in with our world’s doses of techno-frill would hit the spot.

Fran Delaney writes extensively and humorously on technology, social media and gadgets.
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Monday, 30 January 2012

Using the Right Technology for the Job.

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So we've got all this awesome technology at our fingertips, and it can be a heady thing. But it's very easy to lose sight of how to use it properly and effectively. The biggest negative repercussion often stems from using the wrong technology for the particular job at hand. Here are a few potential pitfalls to watch out for.

Texting Taboos

Yes texting is great, fun, and easy to jot off a note. What texting is not is an adequate form of communication for anything remotely serious or life-changing. It is way too easy to write something that is misconstrued, or can be hurtful and dismissive if you are sending something important via this medium. Honor the subject matter and the person you're attempting to communicate with by using the right tool for the job.

The Need for Speed

I was once asked to introduce two colleagues via email in the hopes that they could one day work together. Within a day of getting the request I had contacted the other asking if he would be amenable to speaking with my other colleague. A day later I found out that the colleague requesting the introduction had seen fit to not only contact me with the request but to also go around me through Facebook to introduce himself personally (and I'm assuming using my name as the bridge). A couple of problems with this: First off it shows a lack of respect for me and my time; it also intimates that I'm not one to follow through on emails and requests. Not true. If you ask someone for assistance via any mode of communication remember to allow the appropriate length of time for a response, and by no means should you ask for assistance and then go on and do it yourself simultaneously; it's a good way to harm business relationships.

Lost in Translation

No matter how skilled the writer there is always room for misunderstanding when communicating via the written word. And as fine-tuned as it is, an important email can just go floating off into space without ever landing where you want it to. So it's astounding how many people still impart crucial information and life-changing “conversations” via email. If you write something and the recipient doesn't understand you it's not like they can quickly say, “Wait, do you mean this?” as in a regular conversation. Be careful when wanting to impart important news or discuss a potentially nebulous topic that you use the appropriate tool for it – pick up the phone to have a conversation or better yet make a date to sit face-to-face.

These are just a few ways most people habitually lose sight of how to work with all this cool gadgetry we've got; it's also a cautionary tale. Remember that modern technology is a remarkable and often life-enhancing thing. But it's up to us, the humans, to use this power for good.

About Author
Written by Sarah Simpson. Need a mobile phone that can handle the big conversations?
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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Face Scanning From Kraft and Intel Make Easier Shopping

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You’re heading home after a busy day at the office, and realize that there’s nothing in your kitchen for dinner. You enter the store, and don’t have a clue what to buy. But what if someone could tell what you really wanted just by looking at your face? Intel and Kraft are saying that’s exactly what their new store kiosk, the “Meal Planning Solution,” will do.

They claim that the computer will be able to scan your face and determine what kind of dishes you might like. It will also keep a record of your purchase history in the store and any history you might have on Kraft’s internet site or their iFood Assistant mobile app. We dug a little bit into the science behind this technology – here’s what we found. At first listen, the thought of having a computer look at your face and then spit out a shopping list for you seems bizarre. But it turns out that Intel and Kraft have been working together since 2010 to come up with something that actually creates solutions to four different groups:


People like the idea of making a grocery list, but tend not to follow through. Nearly three-quarters of the time, they go shopping without a clear idea of what they plan to cook, and so don’t know what to buy. To top it off, most folks only have ten or so meals that they know how to cook well and that the whole family likes. So how do we combine all this information to allow us to help people create decent meal plans and shopping lists?


For retailers, it’s all about the bottom line – and having a service that no other store provides helps increase both first time and repeat traffic in the store. Additionally, making recommendations increases purchases.


Obviously, their goal is to sell more products. They have an excellent presence online and have a department developing recipes that use their products. With the in store Meal Planner, Kraft is able to get their recipes to people who need them.


They’ve been working on video analytics for years, and it’s important for them to be able to find partners to work with who can put their technology to work in a way that helps the end user. What makes the Meal Planning Solution such an innovative solution is its use of software that uses anonymous video analytics to determine age and gender, and with that information it’s able to make reasonable suggestions for recipes. The software has been shown to be from 70-80% accurate in its determinations. The sensors work by scanning the face and sending the information to the software. The first thing the software does is confirm that the image is actually the pattern of a face, by looking for certain tell-tale signs: horizontally matched shadows in the eye region, a brightness in the nose position and so on. Once it determines that it is actually a human face, it moves on to the rest of the algorithms.

The face detector algorithms are trained to recognize faces by scanning thousands of pictures that are maintained on a database. It compares similar features to determine if it has scanned a face that belongs to a man or a woman, and then separates the pictures into age brackets – child, youth, adult, senior. The scan data is processed for the necessary information, and then destroyed; none of the images are stored. The computer also tracks the number of people who use the Solution Center at a given site, and keeps track of how much time each person spends at the kiosk. So next time you're stuck for something to cook, let a computer see if it can give you some hints!

Jess has always been fascinated by technology. Combine this with her love of food, and she has the perfect job at RJ Herbert as an online researcher and blogger for the vegetable and food processing company.
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Cute or Crazy? Social Media for the Pet Set


It didn’t concern me when a few friends created blogs for their dogs. But when I started getting more Facebook friend requests from pets than I did from people, it seemed time to question the adoption of social media by the canine and kitty cat set, and the humans who care for them.

We’re living in an era where people treat their pets like they would children. Last week I was invited to a baby shower for a new “mom” with a pit bull puppy, complete with a registry gift list from a major chain pet store.  This dog doesn’t have its own Facebook/Twitter/blog yet, but it probably will soon. Those doggy shower pictures will need to be shown off somewhere. I took a little survey and discovered that I am friends with a horse, a pot-bellied pig, and an alpaca on Facebook. The alpaca’s name, appropriate, is Al.

I love animals. I love them in the same way that I love children – they are so much more adorable when they are someone else’s problem. I even like looking at pictures of my friends’ animals on the aforementioned blogs. They are cute, endearing and a great distraction from whatever stress is going on in my day. I think it’s great that my friends take the time to photograph their pets and post the pictures – it shows they really care about their animals, and they are true members of the family. But when the pet is sending out the annual Christmas card message in their own voice, I start to wonder just a little bit about how my friends are doing, mental-health wise.

Another place I draw the line is when a pet’s Facebook feed shares all the mundane details of Fluffy or Spike’s day-to-day life. I do not care about the walk you took to the park, the play date you had with the bulldog down the street, or the lazy hours you spent napping in the sun. Maybe I’m just jealous. Those all sound like a pretty great way to spend the day.

I want to hear from others about whether this trend has gone too far. How many furry friends do you have on Facebook? Am I just being a grouchy old geezer? Maybe it’s time for me to get a dog .. with a blog. A tortoise who Twitters? Suddenly Fido with Facebook sounds just about boring.

Kombucha is a contributing writer for RENTCafe where you can search apartments in Austin, TX plus find entertaining articles on dealing with roommates, personal finance, and apartment living.
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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Four Tips to a Great Landing Page

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You may not exactly be a website creator by profession, but as a dentist you need to be aware of the basic ways to design your dental website. Having a website is not an end all be all goal because an ineffective dental website may just cost you money without delivering any results. A great landing page will help increase you convert visitors into paying patients. Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules to making an effective landing page, here are a couple tried and tested tips that could help:

1. Include a Clear Call to Action

This is something which almost any SEO expert will tell anyone with a website. Your dental website’s ultimate goal should be to convert visitors into patients and you can achieve this goal by leading traffic to your landing page. In order for visitors to make the conscious decision to become your patients, you need to make them act by making an offer. Your offer is an intrinsic part of sealing any deal so make sure that you offer your visitors something which is irresistible. For instance, you can offer your visitors a free dental check-up which will motivate them to visit your clinic or at least call your office.

2. Make Sure That Your Website’s Pitch is Consistent with Your Off-Page Promise

When you’re trying to market your services as a dentist, you’ll be using different online strategies. Consistency sells and this is why the message on your landing page should be in line with what the one projected by your dental blog, paid ads and submitted articles to prevent visitors from feeling misled. This is necessary because visitors will be directed to your landing page from blogs, article directories and other avenues.

3.  The Less Text, the Better

According to studies, website surfers aren’t keen on reading novel-length articles and write ups. People do not have the time or the patience to go through an entire 1,000 word essay on why your dental services are great. This is why if you’re going to make a point and sell your services, you need to do so right away. You can make use of bullet lists and easy-to-understand headlines.

4. Simple Design Wins

A good landing page isn’t cluttered. You can make use of images but make sure that they do not occupy a majority of the page. Give your readers a break, and use a font style and size that allows content to be easily read.

I hope you enjoy my post and find it useful. I like to write on the subjects of dental web page design and Dental Office SEO. Thank you for your interest, Elliot Pearson, Dentist Identity.
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How to Make Money With an Online Auction Site

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Online auction sites like eBay get a lot of buzz. Many people love buying from online auction sites because they’re great places to find items at a good price, especially unique items, and the idea of a little bit of competition certainly spices things up. They’re also very popular for sellers. It gives sellers an opportunity to advertise their items to buyers all over the world and get cash for them. If you’re interested in trying to sell some items with an online auction site, it’s certainly worth the consideration. It does take some work, though, and you have to be willing to put in the effort if you hope to get the reward. Here are some tips for how you can make money with an online auction site.

Choose the Right Site

There are lots of online auction sites, and which one you choose will play a huge part in your potential success. You should choose a site that gets a lot of traffic. Also, look into the commission policy the site has. Most websites, eBay included, will take a cut of your selling price for every item you sell. Go with a website that charges less. If you’re selling a niche item, look for auction sites that specialize in the type of item you’re selling.

Do Your Research

If you have specific items you want to sell, do a lot of research concerning their true value. And check out what similar items are listed for on the site you’re using. It’s important to put a good price on your item or no one will bid on it. Start low, and this will encourage bidders. If you price your item even just slightly lower than similar ones, interested buyers will go to you instead.

Sell Everything

The more things you sell, the more money you’ll make, so don’t be afraid to list any item you don’t want anymore. You never know who may be interested, and a profit is a profit no matter how small. Antique items and collectibles are especially popular on auction sites, so consider unloading the things you’ve been saving since childhood or cleaning out the attic.

Get Rated

Selling a large volume of items will expose you to lots of buyers. Every time someone purchases something from you, ask them to rate you as a seller. They’ll be able to give you a rating or write a review of your services. If you’re considered a reputable seller who accurately describes products and sends them quickly, interested buyers will feel better about purchasing from you.

Concentrate on the Description

The way you describe the items you want to sell is incredibly important. You have to convince interested buyers that your item is worth their money. Provide as thorough a description of the item as possible, and be honest about its condition. Share as much information as you can about the item and its background. It’s also very important to include photographs. Post more than one photo, photos from all angles, and make sure they’re clear.

Terry Ford is a social media expert. She polishes her online presence with the world's best grammar checker. Terry's latest gadget is a nice Kindle fire where she is reading Heart of Darkness.
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Friday, 27 January 2012

New Phone Cases Claim To Improve Sound Quality From Portable Devices

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The Consumer Electronics Show, better known simply as CES, is the largest convention of any kind in the world. Each January in Las Vegas, more than 150,000 people come together to show the world what will be new and exciting in the tech world during the coming year. Everything from computers and smartphones to home theater gear and high-end audio is on display throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Venetian Hotel. The show spans millions of square feet of show space, and stretches the category of consumer electronics to include automotive tech, home appliances, and just about anything else with an on/off switch. Due to the prevalence of mobile gadgets, there’s even an entire room dedicated to accessories such as phone cases. Of course, iPhone cases abound, as do decorative and protective accessories for just about every other mobile device, from tablet computers and e-readers to GPS devices.

Every year since cell phones became commonplace, phone case manufacturers have introduced new accessories, hoping to become the must-have hit of the year. Some manufacturers, such as OtterBox and G-Form, have made a name for themselves by creating tough (though bulky) cases than can withstand bouncing around in a bag, and even falling to the floor time and time again. Other manufacturers are all about style, offering phone cases with some flare. And occasionally, someone comes along and offers a case that promises to do more than just look good and protect what’s inside.

One such newcomer to the world of phone cases is Divoti. Divoti is certainly a style-conscious company, but its new iPhone case claims to offer more than just good looks. Dubbed the Case Titan, this titanium case was first unveiled on January 10th at CES. Divoti is quick to point out that the case is made from the same metal that NASA uses to line space shuttles. According to Divoti CEO Ronald He, the stylish new Case Titan not only protects iPhones better than any other case, it also “dramatically improves the audio quality of music you listen to.” He says that the Case Titan, which can be yours for a mere $180, is “so unique that we have patented it.”

The case will be marketed to the audiophile demographic, for whom sound good quality usually trumps all else – including a reasonable price tag. Audiophiles are very accustomed to seeing such unlikely tweeks advertised with claims of drastic improvements in sound quality. For some, the idea of a metal case that can improve thesound coming from the iPhone within would be laughable. These audiophiles require solid scientific explanations for products claiming to improve sound. But others are happy to buy a product that they don’t understand from a scientific perspective, as long as it produces (for them) a perceivable improvement in sound quality. After all, many of us don’t know exactly how a microwave oven works (or an iPhone, for that matter), but we use them because we know that they work. Divoti is hoping that these audiophiles will take the plunge on the Case Titan.

For those familiar with Divoti as a company, it should come as no surprise that these claims of improved sound quality with the Case Titan come with a somewhat hazy scientific explanation. Divoti is known mainly as a maker of “health jewelry,” the kinds that uses magnets “as a health booster [for] better blood circulation and being able to release lactic acid, which alleviates muscle pain and enhances the quality of sleep.” In the case of the Case Titan, the use of pure titanium combined with “the rare earth metal, germanium” is said to provide an improvement of sound quality even when using “the most basic headphones.” In fact, Divoti claims that the case can make the ear-buds that come free with the iPhone sound comparable to high-end branded headphones. Even the most open-minded audiophile would find this claim suspicious, if not downright dubious. But who knows? Maybe the Case Titan will be the must-have hit of 2012.

New Phone Cases Claim To Improve Sound Quality From Portable Devices. Learn More at
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Career Advice for the Newly Fired

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So you’ve just received the pink slip and you’ve got to vacate your office; take a moment to listen to some career advice because your career is far from over. There are many slackers or abusers who deserve the cut, but there are many arbitrary and strange reasons someone could be fired. Don’t be down if you find yourself a victim of the latter, it’s not a reflection of you but your circumstances; unless it was you and then all you can do is learn from your mistakes. Career advice and guidance rarely goes into the details of how to handle being fired, but your previous employer can still positively or negatively affect your future so it’s important to do things the right way.

Career Advice for the Newly Fired

What Not To Do

Let’s first go over what you should never do as a result of being fired. Now is not the time to take out your frustrations on the office loudmouth who has been irritating you for months, you never know when you might find yourself once again sharing work place space with them and trust me they won’t forget. A most dire piece of free career advice, your ex-boss can and will be contacted by potential employers and if you left on an explosive note all your hard work in the past will be quickly forgotten. If you’re prone to physical expressions of rage, stay away from all loose or heavy office equipment, this is the quickest way to get arrested which is a whole other realm of danger. At the same time, never accept whatever you are told; you have the right to reasonably be heard and negotiate your departure on your own terms. Never badmouth previous employers either because this only demonstrates a possible difficulty in your personality or demeanour.

What You Can Do

Moving onto the do’s of our professional online career advice primer; always without question act responsibly, respectfully and professionally. Someone once shared with me a golden piece of career advice; London may be a big city but its network is only three people apart. In that it takes three connections to know anyone in your career; ex-employees included. Remember even when you’re let go there are many things you could negotiate. Perhaps you could fill a lower position out if that’s what you want, especially if the terms of your departure are dubious in favour of yourself. Useful piece of career advice, UK or abroad, you’ll want to get the official story as it will be told to future employers as to the reasons for your departure. If you were in the wrong it’s more important than ever to negotiate perhaps softening the story especially if you’ve learnt from your mistake. The end of your job is not the end of your career, there will no doubt be new opportunities in your future so keep an eye out for career advice and never give up.

Eugene Calvini is a writer and office specialist; having been involved overseeing serviced offices Mayfair and serviced offices Glasgow among others, he understands the intricacies of work place situations.
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5 Important Onsite SEO Elements


Onsite elements are becoming more and more important if you want your site to rank, that’s not to say they haven’t always been but as Google pushes more and more ‘usability’ algorithm updates through your site needs to sparkle these days if you want to have any hope of getting to the top of the SERPs and staying there.


We’ve always known that content is allegedly king but if there was any doubts in our minds last year’s Panda update really hammered the point home. You can’t just have any content; you need fresh, unique content which is often easier said than done.
A lot of ecom sites struggled with this one. Most their products had manufacturer standard copy which no longer cuts it, if ten thousands sites are describing a pair of Nike trainers in the exact same way and you’re site number ten thousand and one you’re in trouble. Every piece of copy on your site needs to be unique to you.
If you’re looking for something, a product, a service or just a piece of information then you don’t want an out of date site being served up. The information might be out of date, the product might be discontinued and you wouldn’t want to buy a service off someone who can’t keep their own website up to date. If the copy on your site hasn’t been touched in years, try re-writing the copy of a few of your core landing pages, or even have several variants of that new  copy and rotate it every few days and you’ll more than likely see an increase in rankings.

Internal Linking

Your internal linking is like a spider web, it’s what holds your site together and it’s what helps the spiders crawl your site. The deeper into the spider web your pages are the harder the spiders have to work and the easier they’re going to get fed up and leave. A good internal linking structure will help ensure as much of your site as possible gets crawled and it’s also the first inclination to what the page is about so make sure all internal links are clearly labelled.

It’s just as important your sitemap is up to date and isn’t reporting any crawl errors too. Make sure you’re checking your Google Webmaster Tools account on a regular basis and fixing any crawl errors as and when they’re reported.

No Excessive Ad Sense

This is Google’s latest brain child and it hasn’t gone down well with all those who believe Google should be leading by example. When was the last time your typed any vaguely competitive keyword into Google and got a glimpse of any organic listings above the fold? The odd one will creep through if you’re lucky but for the most part the top half of any Google results page will be dominated by Adwords ads but if you keep trying this on your own site you’re going to start getting penalised (as are the sites you’re relying on for those all important links).

From now on ‘excessive’ above the fold advertising will count against you in the search engine results pages so you need to make sure you’re not serving too many promotions on the top half of your site.

Titles and Headings

This is an oldie but a goodie, well written page titles and heading tags can go a long way in optimising your website. They tell the search engine spiders exactly what the main themes and topics of your page are and the eye of your visitors will be drawn to them too.

The page titles need to be as optimised as possible, these are not only going to help you rank, they’re also going to help get those all important click throughs when you do rank. They need to be descriptive whilst also being concise and using as fewer stop words as possible. Don’t waste valuable title real estate with words like ‘home’ and ‘our products’

Headings help separate a page, they make copy easier to read and break it up for your site traffic. Ideally each heading should only be used once, (one H1, one H2 etc) but if there is any penalisation for using one heading throughout the page it’s not enough to do too much damage.


URL’s can be very powerful, just look at the amount of exact match domains that rank for some of your top keywords. Your domain will have been chosen for your business not your SEO but there’s still plenty you need to be doing with your URLs.

Make sure they’re search engine friendly (SEF), this means there’s no illegal characters in them and they simple contain the relevant keywords and not a long string of random characters.

Keep them as short as concise as possible; don’t have any words or characters in there that don’t really need to be in there. Things like product codes (unless they’re universal) aren’t needed in the URL.
Keep your important keywords as close to the first forward slash as possible, the common default URL structure is to have the category followed by the sub category then the product. If it’s the product you’re trying to get that page to rank for, it needs to be right after the first forward slash.

Jess is a writer and is currently working for RAMUK who are experts in medical equipment software and depreciation software for fixed assets.
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Make a Quick Buck on Your Laptop


In today’s market and economy there are two types of people, those looking to make a quick buck and those who are looking for a good deal on something expensive or high quality. This can be the case when it comes to selling your laptop. Everyone needs a laptop today. We have moved past the need for personal computers in the home and now we require personal computers on the go more so than before. Selling a laptop can be easy yet also difficult. Finding an outlet to sell one can be what makes it difficult to sell. Once you find an outlet to sell your used laptop, the rest becomes easy.

First you want to wipe your laptop, take off all your personal information. You can reset your operating system to factory settings of the laptop, thus erasing all your personal information and even your currently installed programs. This can be good or bad; the pro to this is that you clean your system of anything which may be harmful in it making it like new. The con to this is that you lower value of the laptop, if you have more expensive programs installed on your laptop you could possibly ask for more money.

There are places where you can sell your laptop online. These places cost money while other places are free but do not offer the seller and buying protection which other pay sites do. If you are looking for a quick sale then you want to look at people like students and other clientele who may require a laptop as soon as possible.
With laptops being more readily used and becoming more and more in demand the time it would take to sell your laptop may very well not be long at all. And isn’t that what you are looking for, a quick buck from a quick sale. A task made fast and easy. With a decent used laptop you could fetch easily 500 to 600 dollars for one. And that is alone without any extra programs. You could even ask for more if you have a bag and other accessories which always cost extra. A computer, more so a laptop is always going to be an investment from the moment you purchase it because you can easily sell it when you are done using it. So make sure you take care of your laptop and maintain it and store it properly so you can easily sell it for a fast buck when needed.
Mark Gregory recommends Sell Your Laptop, who offer cash for laptop and laptops for cash
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Could you go self-employed?

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With employment vacancies few and far between and with increasing levels of unemployment throughout the western world, many people are considering alternatives to employment through companies. One such alternative is to go self-employed. This route offers the individual many benefits but there are also a number of risks associated with such a move. It is important to way up the pros and cons of being self-employed prior to making any firm decisions. In this way the individual can be fully prepared for what may lie ahead.

The pros

For many anything is a good alternative to the tedium of applying for numerous jobs every single week and simply waiting around to hear the result. This laborious cycle can be exceptionally de-motivating and can even lead to mental health issues.

Being self-employed offers individuals not only the opportunity to break this cycle but also the possibility of being able to prosper within the new business. Moreover, self-employment brings a significant amount of freedom, allowing the individual to be his own boss, to work when he chooses, to be independent and to take on only the work that appeals or pays well.
The cons

Many people who establish their own business fall into the trap of only seeing the glamour and appeal of being self-employed. They are often lulled into a sense that being self-employed is an easy option. However, this is simply not true.

Being self-employed is hard work, especially in the first couple of years. Moreover, the owner of the business alone is responsible for the day to day running of the company and is accountable for the decisions that are made. There are very few backups when it comes to being self-employed and therefore many who choose this route tread a very narrow path.


Unless a partnership is established along with other individuals the owner takes the full share of the risk associated with the business. In good times this conversely means that the owner takes a full share of the profits as well. Being self-employed often means that the owner will have to invest significant amounts of his own money into the company.

However, the use of third party services such as internet fulfilment services can minimise the initial outlay for the business and therefore the individual. Nevertheless, internet fulfilment services and other outsourcing measures do come at a cost themselves.

Be prepared

For many who are trapped in the seemingly never ending unemployment cycle the prospect of being self-employed with the opportunity to prosper can be exceptionally attractive. However, before committing to such a venture it is important that the individual is prepared for what may lie ahead and the demands of being self-employed.

Moreover, it is essential that any business proposition is deemed to be viable before pursuing it rather than it simply having a great appeal to the individual. Being self-employed can place great demands both upon the owner’s time and financial resources and any business, however well planned, presents a significant risk.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Hallmark Consumer Services who provide internet fulfilment services as well as an array of outsourcing services to help your fledgeling business get off the ground.
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Thursday, 26 January 2012

4 Ideal Courses to Improve your Employability

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Unsurprisingly, e-learning courses are becoming increasingly popular year by year. It’s well known and documented that they provide important skills to people who are already in the workplace, and therefore have limited time available to dedicate to courses. The primary benefits of e-learning are that they are:
  • More affordable
  • Less time consuming
  • More flexible
  • More accessible
Everyone understands the simple fact that the job market is possibly the most competitive area that they will ever engage in. Simply looking for and acquiring a suitable job with career possibilities is a massive undertaking, and your chances can hinge on the tiniest factors. It’s not all doom and gloom though, you just need to take the extra steps that keep your employability at a maximum – something that reduces the competition against you dramatically.
Which e-learning courses you study will, naturally, depend on your field of interest, but here are some of the top ones which would be a major asset almost regardless of your industry.

  • Sales
It barely matters what kind of sales training you choose to engage in, all of it is going to look good on your C.V. The more it appears that you could have your company (or prospective company) grow its brand awareness or move its products, the more of an asset you are. Whether you’re a writer, web designer, call centre agent or a store clerk – sales will impact your efficiency when it comes to marketing your company and their products.
  • SEO
Search engine optimisation is more suited towards any career which has you dealing with the masses online, on behalf of your organisation. SEO is really about creating online brand awareness, a vital aspect of business success today. Whether you’re running your company’s online social media platforms, posting content on the company site or publishing blog content – SEO skills allow you to make your work much more visible on the net.
  • Project Management
Regardless of your current position within your company, or if you’re still looking for work, this is a qualification which shows aspirations of leadership. The ability to lead is a natural one, but if even an ember burns within you, then a good course can evolve those latent skills. Most successful companies are willing to invest heavily in employees who show true leadership skills, as they’re vital to the growth of a company and its long term goals.
  • Basic Accounting
Numbers aren’t for everyone, so a comprehensive accounting course isn’t necessarily what we’re talking about, but being able to perform simple bookkeeping would certainly make you more of an asset. It hardly matters what your position is or if your company has a full time accountant, this is a skill which few people have and a company would be pleased to have another person with some experience in it – it’s also something that would benefit you greatly in your personal life.

Warren Kings is an experienced content writer who enjoys taking online courses to improve his skills, especially sales management courses and project management courses.
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Starting From Scratch With Article Marketing

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Article Marketing is the easiest and the most basic way to generate backlinks and traffic to your website. Starting in article marketing is very easy because you can either write an article yourself or outsource the writing to someone else. There are no special skills involved, no expensive tools to buy, and the best thing is no experience is necessary. Here is an outline of things that will make you successful when starting from scratch with article marketing.

Write an article

There are two ways of writing an article. One way is to write the article yourself. Writing an article yourself is not hard at all if you know the topic and are passionate about your product or service. A lot of people overcomplicate writing thinking that in order to write a good article you need to have a degree in English writing. This is simply not the case.

In fact many search engines love to hear opinions of regular folks written in simple English. Write an article in a way as though you are talking to a friend. Try to describe your product or service to your friend or your mom. That is exactly the style that you want the article written. Another way of getting the article written is to outsource it. If you still think that writing is not for you, don’t worry there is a solution! Simple outsource your article writing to or There is a whole army of writers on these sites who are ready to write for you for a very nominal fee.

Article Distribution

Now that your article is ready, it is time to start letting everyone know about it. There are many ways of article distribution. In this example we will just go over a few.

1) Article Directories

You can take the article you have written and distribute it to article directories. This is important because many major article directories have loyal group of reader. Therefore, now your article will be available to people who are consistently frequent particular article directories. Article Directory distribution is very successful method to get new reader to click through to your website and find out more about your products and your services. In addition, make sure that you leave a link in the resource box of an article so that people know where to go in order to get more information.

2) Guest Posting

There are over a billion websites on the internet and somebody out there has a blog about your topic. Since it is very important to write new content, a lot of blog owners are constantly on the look out for fresh and exciting content. Therefore, you can provide an article to be published on somebody else’s website or a blog. In return you article will be visible to a lot more people and you will get a valuable link that will point to your website or a blog.

Starting from scratch with article marketing is easy. Simply write a simple 500 word article or have it written by somebody else, distribute this article to article directories or guest post on somebody else’s blog, and repeat this cycle as many times as you like.

Benjamin Ehinger is a successful article marketer making a full time income from home. You can claim your free article marketing guide and check out his other Affordable marketing reports by going to:
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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Benefits of Hosted Application Development Services

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Hosted applications are basically software applications, where the software dwells on the servers that are easily accessible via the Internet network connectivity. A hosted application is also referred to as web based application, online application, Internet based application and application service providers (ASP’s).
The providers of these applications have eliminated the purchase of the hardware and software for the functioning of the business applications within an enterprise. The organizations offering such services host the applications for the customers or the clients. It thus has arrested primarily the attention of the business organizations and the prime reason for it is the reduction of the cost.

Benefits of Hosted Application Development Services:

·         Focus on Business - It also forbids the necessity of hiring skilled resources and investment of huge capital for functional operations. The organizations are also relieved of the burden of managing the infrastructure and thus they can focus only on the key business operations.
·         Use of Modern Technology - It makes possible the use of the modern and advanced technologies related to security tools, servers and data protection tools for the accessing of the applications in a safe environment.
·         Access to Advanced Applications - The model of hosted application allows the small enterprises to have smooth access to the advanced applications with the use of robust software.
·         Integration - The software delivered by the developers usually can be used on any type of system that provides support to the standardized Internet browsers, such as the MacOS, Microsoft Windows and Unix. Thus it reduces the necessity of the use of several version numbers and the requirement of license agreement.
·         Access - Application data as well as application software is stored up on the servers of the service providers. It is available to the clients who have complete authorization, irrespective of the factor of location.
The other key beneficial aspect that can be associated with these applications is the reduction of the concern related to deployment.
The developers of these services should possess technical know-how on all its aspects to deliver end to end solutions. The solutions should be priced at a rate so that the clients can easily afford it.
The organizations that offer such servers give utmost importance to client requirement as they wish to establish long term relationship with the clients. However, the clients should have profound knowledge about the enterprises or organizations offering Hosted Application Development Services and opt for the best.

About the Author: Shweta Ghoshal is a content writer; she is working with Inteliapp Solutions. Inteliapp is recommending Hosted Application Development Services and Custom application development services 
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Anonymous Have Come Out With New Trick To Join People On Website Attacks

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 Of late, you may see that many links from anonymous people are being poured into your inbox and you are constantly asked to click on those links. If, by mistake, you may have clicked on any one of those links, you are indirectly helping the online activists in their attack on the US government and entertainment industry websites which have been organized to protest against the proposed SOPA legislation.

Anonymous Have Come Out With New Trick To Join People On Website Attacks

These anonymous people have started denial of the service attacks which have been especially designed to shut down the websites. Supporters want the people to download a software named Low Orbit Ion Canon (LOIC). They want the computers get directed to repeatedly connect to the target website. With so many digital knocks happening on the door, a website can get shut down.

When LOIC is used, the IP address of the individual computers who are trying to access the website can gets traced quite easily. If this used, the participants can be traced and put for prosecution. But people are fearlessly downloading the software and it has been known that around 19,000 people have downloaded the LOIC till now.

The fight between the Silicon Valley and Hollywood is becoming hot with the implementation of SOPA and PIPA. If SOPA is implemented, the activities on the Internet will become much slower and hence it will be a big loss to the Silicon Valley companies like Google and Facebook. Meanwhile the Hollywood companies are fighting it hard for the SOPA act as it will put an end to the piracy of movies and songs and hence increase their turnover and business to a great extent. Hence anonymous users are coming out with a new tactic to avoid arrest of the users.

Author’s Bio – The article has been written by Jit Mukherjii, who is a renowned writer and owner of the blog He has been writing on various technical, political and business articles for last ten years. For more articles on International Business And Finance News, you can visit the blog.
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Email Marketing: So Easy Your Dog Can Do It!

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Email marketing is a business method that involves promoting products and services with the assistance of an email. It is related to direct mailing that completes the same task but uses a postal method to send messages on paper. Email marketing is an ad with various pictures and text messages that can be sent to many recipients at once.

Email Marketing: So Easy Your Dog Can Do It!

Sending Messages

An email can be sent in bulk to many users by completing a few commands from marketing software. People can submit the same email to a collection of a thousand or more email addresses. This basic ability is found in the simplest web hosting accounts.

Email Addresses

When an email marketing message is sent, there is generally a collection of email addresses from people who have signed up to receive a newsletter or some other regular offer. This is known as an opt-in option that targets the customers who have shown an interest in a specific product or service. With the right marketing software, people can choose the groups of emails they want to use.

Tracking Conversions

The tracking aspect of email marketing software will monitor the actions of people who receive email messages. The tracking links in an email will track when the message is opened and what actions occur afterwards. The spamming of an email will show up in the software. This tracking information makes the marketing process more efficient. Keeping track of emails is an important way to track conversion rates because many people who look at emails do not bother to buy the product or service being promoted.

There are tips that people can use to create useful lists of email addresses for their marketing endeavors. Marketers should send out their lists in a consistent manner. Ideally, they should send their lists once every week or month. It is important to include typical advertising techniques like bold headlines, sharp images and a call to action in every email without being too assertive. It is a waste of everyone’s time not to include a product or service link in the email.

Individuals and companies who own online businesses can earn a great deal of money with the use of email marketing. Earning profits can be achieved by sending monthly emails to interested subscribers as a way to earn every week, month and year. Certain email marketing techniques are available for those who want to reach subscribers successfully.

Jen Silva writes articles and reviews relaterd to internet fax services and online tax service reviews such as the Free TurboTax service. Visit her at to read reviews on online fax services and other small business related articles.
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Monday, 23 January 2012

BlackBerry's "Traffic-i-cop" stops criminals in their tracks

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Traffic-i-cop is the BlackBerry-developed system that helps city police search for stolen vehicles and traffic offenders. It was designed by a team of 30 developers, and won the award for 'Best Innovative Project/Technological Application' from the Ministry of Urban Development at the beginning of December.


It was first implemented in Pune city for 13 months, and achieved wide positive feedback. Its very first success was helping to capture four people who beat up a bus driver and left him badly injured, after a dispute over the bus driver flashing his headlights. The offenders got out of their vehicle and proceeded to beat up the bus driver with iron rods, before fleeing the scene.

The bus driver immediately complained at a nearby police station, and the police enter the car registration details into the Traffic-i-cop system. It fed back the name and address of the owner of the car. This allowed the police to arrest the offenders just 15 minutes after the incident occurred, a procedure which could have taken hours using old methods.

The Traffic-i-cop system is developed purely for Blackberry, who released the BlackBerry 9790 (nicknamed the BlackBerry Bellagio) across India at the beginning of December. Traffic-i-cop's success means that it is set to be implemented in other cities like Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Cochin. Since the traffic rule is a state issue, the application needs to be tweaked for each instance, and so the development is at various stages for each city. Following widespread interest, BlackBerry are also in talks to extend the application to other cities in India.


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The benefits of blogging for schools

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Blogging has become one of the defining ways that people communicate in the 21st century. Everyone from politicians and companies, to artists and even plain old regular people have blogs to document their lives and opinions. It’s no surprise then, that an increasing number of schools are using blogs, both as official voices for the school and as a way to let particular teachers, or even head teachers, have their say. But what exactly are the benefits of creating a school blog?

To begin with, we really need to define what the audience for a school blog would be. The obvious answer is current parents; blogs can be a great way to connect with parents and keep them informed of current affairs at the school. In that sense, a blog is a modern replacement for the school newsletter. By using an online medium, news is updated faster and gives parents the opportunity to comment and respond to each piece individually. If the schools plan to change the date of their sports day gets a lot of negative feedback on their blog, they’ll know that it’s an issue that needs addressing: this is fast and free feedback. By bringing the way they communicate with parents into the modern era, a blog can also be the gateway to greater and more ambitious uses of technology; everything from iPads in the classroom, to social networking accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

It is by using these new avenues of gadgetry and technology that a school can really impress new or prospective parents. Having a blog gives the impression that a school is aware of current trends, and technologically literate enough not only to cope with emerging avenues of technology, but to embrace the new and exciting ways in which teachers can communicate with their students and with parents. A school with a blog is a school that faces towards the future, rather than to the past.

All these positives are very much focused on the idea of a blog as an official output for a school; but what if blogs are directly authored not by the school as a whole, but by a specific member of staff? An excellent example of this is the Headmaster’s blog at Bromsgrove School. Anyone who has read this blog will know that the Headmaster communicates in a very witty, light-hearted tone, and more importantly, he also often talks about non school-related matters. It’s tempting to consider this blog as a sort of unofficial representation of the school, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

These personal style blogs are the perfect way for a school to advertise itself. By providing readers with an intelligent and witty advocate, in the form of a headmaster or a teacher, this modern, off-beat communication can really show off a school’s resources. The personal touch also means that it will often be less dry, and consequently more humorous, than official blogs, which means that they’re more likely to be read by a larger audience.

In this way, what every school actually needs is two different blogs. One to replace the information exchange of the humble school newsletter and another to provide a charming, personal voice that may attract potential parents. It’s a cheap and easy way to both manage and advertise a school.

Rachel is an education blogger with a particular interest in technology for schools.
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Saturday, 21 January 2012

iPhone 4s- Technology and Nature

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Steve Jobs was a fervent believer in the connection between technology and the humanities; many experts thought that both tributaries were almost naturally converging to result in a river of knowledge, innovation and progress. An example is the great iPhone 4s.

iPhone 4s- Technology and Nature

As we know, not only facts but also by the official biography written by Walter Isaacson, Jobs revolutionized many areas and many industries such as music, the animation and film, and of course the personal computer. However, his official biography also offers his view on something that will be unveiled in just days: his legacy, Apple has plans for education. For what we know about Jobs' personal life, there are three large and recent times in which he openly expressed the need to change the educational system, which hinted Apple plans to continue its expansion into this area: a dinner with Rupert Murdoch, in a meeting with Barack Obama, and a visit of Bill Gates.

Can you imagine an iPhone without a camera? The truth is that the phone would lose much if you do not have one, as more and more applications that can be given, besides being one of the most popular cameras on sites like Flickr or Twitter. When reading the news, many will think that, knowing Apple, it will not happen, not make another model as I thought. The funny thing is that no manufacturer is the company to delete the chambers of the iPhone 4s in Singapore, but the companies that sold there.

Modifications and Revelations

As reported by The Jakarta Globe digital publication, there are three iPhone 4s mobile providers in the country that are already making plans to price the new "no cameras". The reason for this change is only selling the Apple terminal soldiers who are prohibited from using devices with camera in their home bases. The M1 operator announced on its website even changed the phone, but this page was later withdrawn due to "changes in the service." All this seems to be a simple strategic move to win sales, since nearly half of the Smartphone’s in Singapore are now iPhones. With this, companies hope to reach a new market in which, until now, was denied entry phones like this.

Logically, one negative aspect of this is the loss of Apple's official warranty. This is completely nullified when another company unilaterally amending the terminal. No word yet on whether alternative operators offer a guarantee to cover the repairs at their own cost, obviously.

Many iPhone lovers are eager to unlettered jailbreak their iPhone 4S. From Unofficial sources many have been following the efforts of hacker pod2g and colleagues to offer this system to the new Smartphone on the block. Now this guy has released through his blog a video showing the progress carried out in this regard.
The video was shared by the known Chronic Dev Team, a group of hackers who are trying to exploit vulnerabilities in the system found by pod2g to provide a definitive solution to interested users. As you can see the iphone 4s is installed and it is able to restart to maintain the pre-jailbreak, as it gets run without problem after the restart Cydia.

Peter Jackson is the owner of one of the most popular mobile phone bllogs iPhone Guiden. If you visit his blog, you will read all latest iPhone 4S
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Advantageous Aspects of Outsource Software Product Development

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Outsource Software Product Development is a trend that is fast gaining acceptance among the IT companies. The key factors that are responsible for its success are advancement of technologies, high expectation of the clients and the transient nature of the market.

It is obligatory if the company lacks in expert human resource and also if the company wishes to introduce inventive practices in the strategic approach dedicated towards the development of the products.


Advantageous Aspects of Outsource Software Product Development are:

Development of Additional Resource: To identify the best projects for the purpose of outsourcing, to recognise the project deliverables, to efficiently handle the delivery of the projects and assuring of the easy integration of the projects that has been delivered, into the systems.

Acquiring of the Expertise Service: When an organisation feels or is able to understand the fact that it does not have the resources perfectly suited for the task related to development of the software products, it can always consider the option of hiring employees on a contract basis, who would perform the task for organisation in return of a payment. 

Reduction in Cost: An organisation needs to spend a considerable amount of capital for its operational functions and this feature reduces the cost to a great extent for the reason that the organisation does not need to hire a skilled individual for this purpose and also does not require to spend a large sum of money for the buying of the latest tools required for the same purpose.

Apart from these points of consideration, the other beneficial aspects, which can be related to this feature are, are attaining of the best as well as standardised industry practices, acquiring of new practices and obtaining of system reviews that are of high quality.

The individuals, who are associated with this work, should possess technical know how about its various facets and should constantly make an effort to update themselves on the recent developments as then only they themselves, would be able to provide excellent as well as admirable services.

Thus it would definitely work in favour of those IT or Industrial Organisation's, which are short of resources but wish to be in an advantageous position as compared to the other widely acclaimed organisation's.
It should also be taken into consideration that the decision of outsourcing, should only be opted for, if it only proves to be beneficial for the business organisation's.

About the author:  Shweta is a content writer, who is sharing information about Product Development Outsourcing and Outsourced Software Product Development

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Give your Work Station a Fresh New Look With Blue Laptops!

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As blue is a universally popular colour it is but obvious that laptop manufactures have introduced blue laptops into the market to lure buyers. They are available from Dell, Sony Vaio, Acer, Asus and many more manufacturers in the market. You can look for blue colour in notebooks, netbooks and even some tablet pcs. Here are a few aspects you should consider when purchasing a blue laptop.

The Colour Blue

Before knowing about the various blue coloured laptops you can choose from, here is a short note on the colour blue and its significance. Being the colour of sky and the sea, blue is often related to depth and stability. In comparison to red that stands for blood and fieriness, blue represents all that is calm and peaceful. Like other colours, blue also has different shades that represent different things.

While light blue stands for health, healing, softness and understanding, dark blue represents power, loyalty, integrity, knowledge and seriousness. At times, blue may also be considered cold and depressing, but contradicting studies have showed that it has a positive effect on productivity.

How to Choose a Blue Laptop

It is important to be careful when you are investing in an expensive product like a laptop. As there are a number of brands like Acer, Dell, HP, Sony and Samsung that offer colourful laptops, the options you have are plenty. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough research of the available blue laptops to choose  the best one.

Performance – A laptop that is slow or hangs in the middle of important tasks can be very irritating. For a trouble-free and smooth functioning of the system, it is important that you look for laptops that come with dual or high speed processors.

Battery life– As laptops and notebooks are mostly used on the move, it is important that you choose the one that has longer battery life. This will keep you connected from anywhere, without any disruption.

Size and portability – Other main aspects to consider are the weight and size of the laptop. Choosing a heavy laptop with a wide screen is not feasible in case you travel often. On the other hand, a laptop that has a bigger screen and is loaded with multimedia options can give you the best gaming experience, no matter where you are.

Cost – Last but not the least, it is very important to consider the price of your laptop. Blue laptops are available in both the cheapest and the most expensive ranges. With some research, you will find a laptop that suits your needs and also accommodates your budget.

Manufacturers Offering Blue Laptops

Blue laptops are offered by most of the popular laptop brands except Apple Inc. While Dell offers laptops in shades such as Midnight Blue, Pacific Blue and Sapphire Blue, Sony Vaio comes in an electric blue hue, Asus offers sky blue, and Toshiba as well as Samsung offer a shade of navy blue. As these laptops are available in different specifications, take time to read the reviews, compare prices, features and usability of each model to make an informed decision. 

Author bio: Annabelle is a senior technology writer and SEO writer with professional writing service company, Godot Media. She has interests ranging from latest gadgets to following web technologies and trends.
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How to use Social Networking Sites to get a Free iPad 2


In case you are a type of person who constantly needs the newest and coolest digital gadget, however the expense is weighing you down, then you'll be happy to know that there are many methods to get a free iPad 2 online. It may sound very hard to believe, however many firms select to carry an iPad giveaway both in market analysis campaigns or in the effort to boost their media reach on social sites.

Company's stand to gain a lot more from giving away free iPads. They make more money from advertising the giveaways than the iPad is worth. However, there are some companies that are scammers. They offer a free iPad 2 to entice people to click on other links on their websites. These links can cause people to enter personal information or download a virus onto their computer. Be aware of these scams. They can be identified. Usually if the offer looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Social Networking Sites and Their Role

Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube users can win an iPad for free. If you are a constant user in any of the three social networks, you are bound to find advertisements and promotions of iPads on the site. The Internet is known to be a practical and easy way for companies to sell their products and a number of customers buy these products at their convenience.

Sponsoring iPad giveaways is really just a method of attracting more followers and promoting a business or service. There's lots of these opportunities on social networking sites that might land you a free iPad 2 or another sizzling digital gadget. You'll just have to keep a close eye on the latest giveaways to pop up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ect. Services like TweetBeep can help notify you when a certain keyword is tweeted, such as “Win a Free iPad 2”. It only takes a little research and a whole lot of subscribing and liking, but the prizes are surely worth it!

Recognizing Legitimate Offers from Scams

Sadly, some iPad giveaways discovered on social websites are pure scams with aims to steal your information - or set up viruses and malware. There's, nonetheless, methods to distinguish legitimate offers from fakes. Generally, repeatedly posted from old or fake profiles, contain misspellings or other questionable content..

It is best to take time to analyze offers before you subscribe and relinquish your personal details. Be sure the person posting the information is in-fact a real person, with a up-to-date profile. Don't enter free iPad giveaways ran by suspicious or unknown media. Shield your pc by installing a dependable anti-virus and use completely separate e-mail accounts from your regular one when entering online contests. You just can never be too careful when completing offers online.

Getting a Free iPad Is Possible

Lots of iPads are being given away on social networking sites. It is a good idea to keep a list of all the offers and giveaways that you have entered into, because persistence and staying on task, is the key. You are more likely to win that free iPad 2 that you have always wanted by not giving up, staying focused and giving 100%. Entering one giveaway a week makes your chances of winning slim, entering 4-5 a day makes the odds much, much better,
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