Tuesday, 29 November 2011



Game wrap up.

1.Microsoft Quoted Xbox LIVE “Has Not Been Hacked” 

2.Superb Mario Kart 7 TV Ad unveiled 

3.Ragnarok Odyssey landing in Japan February 2012

4.Zynga hit with pre-emptive lawsuit over 'ville' suffix

5.Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall Of The Samurai Announced

Today SEGA has announced that they will be releasing Total War: Shogun 2 named

‘Fall Of The Samurai‘ in March 2012.

6.Call of Duty Elite hits 1 million paid users

7.Apple allowing iPad game subscription service

8.Nvidia beta drivers improve PC Arkham City, Battlefield 3

9.OnLive Announce Five Day Sales And Special Offers

10.Ubisoft Unveil Rainbow 6: Patriots Details & Artwork

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Nintendo unveiled Superb Mario Kart 7 TV Ad

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On November 24th 2011 Nintendo has unveiled the Superb Mario Kart 7 TV Ad on its
YouTube channel titled "Nintendo 3DS - Mario Kart 7 Kart Rules TV Commercial".The

game is set to release next month.

Release dates

* Europe : on December 2nd
* North America : on December 4th

You can watch Superb Mario Kart 7 TV Commercial Ad below and do share your

thoughts in comment section below.


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Microsoft Quoted Xbox LIVE “Has Not Been Hacked”

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Microsoft Quoted Xbox LIVE Has Not Been Hacked

Today Microsoft announced second time that Xbox LIVE has not been hacked as The

Sun newspaper was claiming that Microsoft were “covering up” hacks on the Xbox

LIVE service.

A Microsoft Announces in a statement :

“As we commented on Tuesday, the Xbox LIVE service has not been hacked. However,

we are investigating a number of recent customer complaints relating to Xbox LIVE

customer service – particularly in the way that we have processed refunds to

customers that have been victims of phishing related fraud.

“Consequently, we are taking several steps to address and resolve these

particular issues as soon as possible and working closely with our affected

customers to investigate and resolve any unauthorized charges made to their

accounts resulting from recent phishing scams.

“Finally we would like to apologise to any customers who have not experienced a

good service from us.”

Conclusion :

It seems that Xbox LIVE has not been hacked and affected accounts have been a

victims of phishing scams.What you think about this saga, do share your thoughts

in comment section below.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

HTC Ville : Specs and images leaked

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HTC Ville : Specs and images leaked

HTC Ville Specifications and images leaked on web.As expected it runs on Ice

Cream Sandwich (ICS) and comes with Super AMOLED display.Also it is first

device from HTC which run on the Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon S4 processor.It was

rumoured to be the company’s thinnest smartphone yet.

This device will disappoint NFC fans as it does not support NFC.

Detailed specification of HTC Ville :

* Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
* 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display
* 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor
* 8 megapixel backside-illuminated camera with 1080p video
* About 8mm thick
* Metal construction case
* No NFC support
* 1650mAh battery
* First HTC device to get the Sense 4.0 UI
* Beats Audio

HTC Ville  is rumoured to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2012 and most

likely to be available for purchase from April 2012.

Image via pocketnow

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Tech Wrap Up.

1.Sony Announces List of Smartphones to get Ice Cream Sandwich by March 2012

2.Hacking Alert: Personal Details of 13 million South Korean subscribers Leaked

By Hackers

3.Asus Transformer Prime, First Quad-Core Android Tablet, Now on Pre-Order

4.HTC's 3G Smartphones Bans in Germany

5.Vodafone Brings Banking to Rural India

6. Microsoft Picks Chinese Windows Phone Partner

7.RIM Sees 3000 People Queue For BlackBerry Launch

8.Ex-Googlers Launch iPhone App for Tapping Into Friends’ Reviews 

9.Verizon Galaxy Nexus Costs Just $199, Says Mystery Ad

10.China Lifts Internet Firewall for World Cup
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Sony Announces List of Smartphones to get Ice Cream Sandwich by March 2012

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Sony Announces List of Smartphones to get ICS


Sony ends all the rumours about ICS updates on 25TH NOVEMBER 2011 Sony has

announced that all of its 2011 Xperia devices will be getting the Ice Cream

Sandwich (ICS) by March of 2012.

Maurizio De Palma, Sony Ericsson Italy’s Head of Marketing announced the date on

a Facebook post.

Sony Announces List of Smartphones to get Ice Cream Sandwich by March 2012


The 2011 devices include the
* Xperia Arc
* Xperia Neo
* Xperia Play
* Xperia Acro
* Xperia Neo V
* Xperia Arc S
* Xperia Mini
* Xperia Mini Pro
* Xperia Ray
* Xperia Pro and
* Xperia Active

Does this list surprise you, do share your thoughts in comment section below.
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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hacking Alert: Personal Details of 13 million South Korean subscribers Leaked By Hackers


On November 26th 2011 The Korea Communications Commission announced that they had

discovered the leakage of personal data of its 13.2 million subscribers.

It has been confirmed that the leaked data included user IDs, names, resident 

registration numbers and passwords.Subscribers are requested to change their

passwords to prevent further damage.

What do you think about these hacking scandals, do let us know in comment section

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3 Effective Ways to Build Backlinks to a Blog

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Building backlinks to a blog comes with many benefits. As a blogger, I’ve been striving to build a lot of backlinks to my weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons blog. And during the process of doing this, I’ve learnt some effective ways to build backlinks to a blog. It’s not all the many ways people find easy to build backlinks to their blogs are rewarding. That is why you need to define what methods will be rewarding for you and your blog.
The search engine optimization or SEO benefits you’ll derive from building effective backlinks to your blog can double your search engine traffic almost overnight. What are these effective ways to build backlinks to a blog?

Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging, perhaps the best way you could build backlinks and drive targeted traffic to your blog, is an easy but yet effective way you can build backlinks to your blog. The most successful blogs have several guest posts with backlinks to their blogs. Aside the SEO benefit your blog is going to derive from your doing guest post for your blog, you are also going to gain new set of audience to your blog which is a very rewarding thing.
If you can work towards doing up to five guest posts to your blog every month, you are sure going to make your blog grow rapidly.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting, though it looks obvious, is still very effective in building backlinks to a blog only if done the right way. Many bloggers when doing blog commenting do not even bother to confirm that the blogs they are commenting on is a “do-follow” comment enabled blog. You have to know that it’s not the quantity of comments you make that determines the quality of rankings your blog is going to get but the quality.
Another important thing you should always take note of before commenting on a blog is to read the article and make sure you understand the content before commenting on it. You might be surprised to find out that your comment may be deleted if you did not read the content of that blog before commenting on it.

Link Exchange

Link exchange is one of the most utilized ways of building backlinks to blogs. It is well used but still very effective. If you don’t understand the concept of link exchange, it involves you allowing a blogger to have a link of is blog on your own blog while he also reciprocates the same for you.
Though link exchange has been argued to be a wrong method of doing backlinks, it is still very effective and helps bloggers exchange audiences. It also improves your search engine rankings. If you could manage to exchange links with over ten bloggers, that literarily means you have ten links pointing to your blog.


The backlink building methods I have shared with you in this post are only going to work you if you follow the rules binding them. Building backlinks is not a bad idea, it can help you grow you blog significantly.

John Edget is an SEO specialist who also writes reviews for weight watchers promotion coupon and diettogo discount 15% on his blog. He loved writing for and wants you to learn more about weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons by visiting his blog.

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks

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Love video games so much that you find yourself humming your favorite game’s music?  There’s a cure for that.  With many games intentionally putting more effort into their soundtrack, it is no surprise that this part of gaming has grown so much.  In fact, there is even a special category for it at the Video Game Awards.  If you’re still not convinced that video game music is more than meets the ear, check out these top ten video game soundtracks.  



1.Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Love 80’s music?  It doesn’t matter.  This collection of songs from the game where you get to steal cars and listen to radio stations that play the hits of the eighties, as well as hilarious entries in talk radio, is one of the best-selling video game soundtracks of all time.  The box set includes all seven radio stations, with entries for everyone from hip hop to soft rock and even Latin music.  

2.DJ Hero – This video game literally has players spinning incredible music.  The soundtrack to the game includes favorites from artists such as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ AM.  It even won a Video Game Award for Best Soundtrack in 2010.

3.Rock Band – Is rock music more your thing?  Then you won’t be disappointed at the soundtrack to this video game.  It has songs dating back to the seventies by Boston and the Ramones, along with new entries by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens of the Stone Age.  There are also classics from Nirvana and the Beastie Boys.

4.Guitar Hero – Not to be outdone, there is plenty of great music on these soundtracks for the rock or guitar lover. The soundtrack from Guitar Hero II is the most popular and includes entries from every band from Aerosmith to Van Halen.

5.Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – This video game has players battling in a Dracula-esque type setting.  However, for its haunting tunes, the soundtrack often stands out as a must hear for both lovers of video game music and symphonic melodies. 

6.Legend of Zelda – In another entry in symphonic music, the soundtracks to Zelda games often include memorable melodies.  One of the most popular is from The Ocarina of Time, which centers around a flute like instrument.

7.Bioshock – The soundtrack to this game was so popular, it won the award in 2007 for Best Soundtrack at the Video Game Awards.  Featuring instrumental music exclusively from the game, it beat out games such as Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero III.

8.Nier – For videogame soundtracks in Japanese, this one is hard to beat.  It is often described as one of the most memorable parts of the game and was developed specifically for it.

9.Kingdom Hearts – Looking for video game music for kids?  Then check out this soundtrack from the creators of this Disney-themed game.  Kids of all ages will appreciate the songs just for them.

10.London Philharmonic Orchestra – Believe it or not, video game soundtracks are so popular, this world class orchestra takes them on in a CD entitled “Greatest Video Game Music.”  There are themes from video games such as Call of Duty, Super Mario Bros, and even Angry Birds.

This article was submitted my Sara McDowell. She owns the site  Video Game Design Schools Guide and is an avid Gamer. 
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Tuesday, 15 November 2011



Top Technolgoy News

1.Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich open-source code released

2.Apple's Siri security protocol cracked, with a catch

3.Spotify Launches Service In Austria

4.15-inch MacBook To launch in March 2012[rumour]

5.Sony Ericsson Xperias to Get Ice Cream Sandwich

6.Malicious Hackers Target Twilight Fans   

7.MacBook Air now accounts for 28% of Apple's US Shipments

8.Gartner: Google Android Passes 50% of Smartphone Sales

9.Apple Not Lowering Notebook Shipments

10.LinkedIn Opens Office in India

11.Bus Guru: Live London Bus Information App

12.New York Times Launches Fashion App for iPad

13.RIM Announces BlackBerry Bold 9790 and Curve 9380

14.Twitter visualizes every Tweet mentioning "11.11.11"

15.STUDY: Half of Water-Damaged UK Cellphones Fall in Toilets

16.YouTube Upgrades Its Android App

17.Lenovo to Release a Quad-Core Android Tablet[rumour]

18.Nokia Launches MixRadio, A Pandora-Like Music App 

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Tech And Gadget Wrap UP

1.Kindle Fire Shipping Today, One Day Ahead of Schedule

2.iPhone 4S to Come to India on Nov. 25

3.Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Dies at 22 

4.Klout CEO apologizes for minors profiles

5.Samsung Won't Block iPhone 4S in Korea

6.Kid-friendly gaming comes to Android with Sandbox

7.73% of UK Check Email Before Facebook

8.Spotify Set to Expand In Europe This Week[rumour]

9.O2 Launches London 4G Trial

10.Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3

11.Google Launches 24×7 Phone Support To ‘Apps For Business’ Customers

12.iTunes Match Launches Today

13.Yellow Media Sells Off Online Classifieds Business For $72.5 Million

14.Motorola planning to launch 13MP variants of RAZR in China

15.Zynga Teams Up With Best Buy To Sell FarmVille Collectible Plush Toys

16.Nokia Lumia,  Motorola RAZR Apple and iPhone 4S arrive in India

17.Huawei Honor launches

18.Galaxy Nexus coming to UK on November 17

Monday, 14 November 2011



Daily Tech Wrap Up.

1.Android’s New Face Unlock Feature Can Be Fooled With A Photo  

2.Confirmed: Apple to Replace Defective 1st-Generation iPod Nanos With 1st-Generation Units

3.Rovio Opens The World’s First Angry Birds Store In Finland

4.Coca-Cola Launches Its First U.S. QR Code Program

5.Adobe product manager fingers Apple for death of Flash Player for mobile,

Admits HTML5 is the Future

6.Logitech drops Google TV, leaving Apple TV as dominant player

7.Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3

8.Google Employee Nigel Tufnel Sends Invites For Mysterious Android Event
   November 16

9.Google Launching an Incubator in Israel

10.KinderTown Launches Educational App Store For Parents

11.Hulu Plus Will Compete With Amazon Instant Video On The Kindle Fire

12.Android App ‘Currently’ Taps Twitter To Track Breaking Tech News

13.Microsoft’s Former Virtualization Director To Launch PaperShare, A ‘Social

Content Network’

14.BlackBerry PlayBook To Come Pre-Loaded With PressReader: Instant Access To

2,000+ Newspapers

15.PlayStation Vita gets a content management app, plays nice with PS3 and PC


Saturday, 12 November 2011



Daily Top Technology News

1.Nokia working with AT&T to bring LTE-enabled Lumia 800 to the US

2.LinkedIn and Google Help U.S. Veterans Find Work and Each Other

3.Apple Finds Issue With 1st Gen iPod Nano

4.Apple Experiencing iCloud Outage

5.Google to Launch Google Music Store Soon

6.Verzo launches the Android-based Kinzo smartphone for $459

7.Microsoft to release Silverlight 5 soon, will probably be the last Silverlight release

8.Cyan Nokia Lumia 800 hitting UK in December, pink in early 2012

9.Unlocked iPhone 4S Devices Shipping in 1 to 2 Weeks

10.Twitter Ordered to Give Up WikiLeaks Data

11.Nokia Music hacked to run on unlocked WP devices

12.Confirmed: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 hits UK on November 16

13.iOS 5.0.1 released, available as an OTA update

14.HTC Ville specifications leak, will run Ice Cream Sandwich

15.LG might show off Google TV hardware at CES

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Tech Wrap Up

1.Apple: iOS Battery Issues Persist

2.Google nets 65% of search in October

3.iOS 5.0.1 has Contacts, Battery Issues 

4.Digg Reportedly Sees 50% US Traffic Drop

5.Unlocked iPhone 4S Devices Shipping in 1 to 2 Weeks 

6.Google launches service for Veterans

7.Sprint Calls Time On Unlocked SIMs

8.Apple Sells Unlocked iPhone 4S In US

9.Amazon to Invest $100m in Indian Office

10.Brazil to Be One of Nokia's Top Markets

11.China's Top Microblogs Pass 550M Users

12.X-ray App Lets Users “See Through” Models’ Clothing

13.Hulu Plus and ESPN ScoreCenter Coming to Kindle Fire

14.Adobe Updates Flash Player for Android, Promises Future Security Updates

15.Share Google Reader to G+ w/ New Button

16.Add old photos to Facebook for Timeline

17.Facebook to make all sharing opt-in

18.Google+ Circles Get a Boost With Katango as Google acquires Katango, a startup that has developed advance people-sorting algorithms

19.Billy Crystal Announces on  Twitter That He’s Hosting the Oscars

20.First photo of the LG Nitro HD surfaces, lands at AT&T soon


Friday, 11 November 2011



Daily Top Technology News

1.Twitter Wins Dispute Over

2.Apple releases iOS 5.0.1

3.Twitter Changes its User Interface, Looks Better

4.Facebook Sued In Germany Over Privacy

5.Angry Birds On PC To Hit Retail In Weeks

6.Android Sales up 1,000% in SE Asia

7.Adobe to Abandon Flash on Connected TVs, Too

8.Apple Fixes Critical iPhone Battery Issues With iOS 5.0.1

9.Hotspot Launches New iOS App

10.iPhone Accounts for 39% of Twitter Pics

11.Read & Listen Buttons Appear on Facebook

12.HTC Titan Coming to AT&T on Nov. 20

13.Facebook Brings Recent Stories Option Back to News Feed

14.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Blowing Sales Records

15.Google+ Users Are Still Mostly Male

16.Amazon Buys a Voice Recognition Startup In order to compete with Siri

17.Google Adds +1 Button to Image Search

18.Google Buys Contextual Rich News Browsing Sta…

19.Google Buys Contextual Rich News Browsing Startup Apture To Beef Up Chrome

20.Amazon Ups Orders From Kindle Fire Suppliers To 5 Million Units

21.Windows Phone Targets India

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Twitter Changes its User Interface, Looks Better

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This Morning when i opened my Twitter Account(@techniciablog) I was shocked to

too see that twitter has made some changes to its user interface which looks

better than previous one.


Let us understand these changes.twitter has introduced new tab called activity

in which you can see your Friends activity.The activity tab includes Favorites,

follows, retweets, and more by people you follow.Many of us thinks that the

Retweet tab is replaced by activity tab which is wrong in the sense that you can

now view your tweets that were retweeted and more in @username tab.


@username tab includes your mentions, tweets that were retweeted and who have

listed you recently.


Let us know what you think about these changes in comment section below and did

we announce that we are now do follow blog.
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Daily tech news

1.White Nokia N9 is now available for preorder, will cost you €699

2.Facebook: India to Become Largest Market

3.Google Offers Goes Live in Brooklyn!

4.Adobe Stops Development of Mobile Browser Flash

5.Samsung launches a pink Galaxy S II in South Korea

6.Apple engineers: Siri will never be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or

the iPod Touch

7.Samsung Gets Apple's Carrier iPhone Info

8.AVOS Acquires for Delicious

9.Motorola RAZR now available in the UK

10.The quad-core HTC Edge LeakED

11.Galaxy Nexus to be priced at $289 at Costco

12.Walmart to Open Innovation Lab in India

13.ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime to Get Tegra 3

14.Siri not Coming to Older iPhones yet

15.US: 16,000 Stores Will Sell Kindle Fire From November 15.

16.Google+ Launches Official Pages Guide

17.Apple ships iOS 5.0.1 early to some Regular Users

18.Android distribution in October: Gingerbread takes the lead

19.Kobo and Its Ereader Acquired for $315 Million By Japanese ecommerce firm Rakuten

20.Google Says It Will Stop Supporting Gmail App for BlackBerry

Wednesday, 9 November 2011



Top Technology News

1.Schmidt says Android came before iPhone

2.Firefox 8 Gets Native Twitter Search As Major Update

3.Apple's EasyPay/Personal Pickup Now Live

4.Internet Users Exceed 100m in India Reached 60 Billion Scrobbles

6.Twitter Hires on Oracle VP Development

7.200K iPhone 4S Pre-orders in Korea

8.Apple Kicks Researcher off App Store

9.Facebook to Launch Data Centre in Taiwan

10.HP Considering Sale of webOS

11.Spotify comes to Windows 7 Phone devices

12.Adobe Brings Elements to Mac App Store

13.Instagram Adding 1.5 Users per Second

14.Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 Coming to T-Mobile on Nov. 16

15.Rumour: HTC Edge Will Be the World’s First Quad-Core Smartphone

16.Eric Schmidt: Microsoft Pushes Patent Deals Out Of Fear Of Android

17.Facebook Acquires Team Behind HTML5 App Platform Strobe Goes Global

19.Google Promises To Continue Offering Android For Free

20.Google Won’t Allow Contests And Promotions On Google+ Pages

21.Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader Now Available For Firefox

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Google+ Pages For Business is rolled out for everyone

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Google+ business Pages is rolled out for everyone create your own page here.Add

Technicia Blog to your circle to get latest tech news and more here.

The Announcement made on Official Google+ page:


You can create your own Google+ business page in 3 simple step.

step 1: Pick a category and Add your info like select page name, select category,

visibility etc.


step 2: Add Tagline which describe your page and Profile photo


Step 3: Spread the word, Option to share your page to everyone


Google+ business Pages have the ability to share with specific group of fans like

Customers, VIPs, Team members you can also create more circles to separate your

fans of different regions.

The most important and unique feature of Google+ business Pages has is the

ability to Hangout with your fans.

Add Technicia Blog to your circle Here.

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HTC Announces List of Handsets That will Get Ice Cream Sandwich

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As HTC promised that they will upgrade list of smart phone to Ice Cream Sandwich so now we have list of handsets from htc to get Ice Cream Sandwich.As expected HTC is Only upgrading their high range Smartphones in order to boost their sales.Lets get back to the list HTC just polished.

So here are the list of HTC Smartphones to get Get Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS)

* The EVO 4G
* Sensation XL  
* Sensation XE
* Sensation
* Rezound
* EVO 3D
* EVO Design 4G and
* Amaze 4G

Does this list disappoint you, do share your thoughts in comment section below.
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Monday, 7 November 2011



Top Technology News

1.Motorola Granted Injunction vs. Apple

2.FireFox 8 is Now Available For Download Now

3.Sony Ericsson's Xperia Arc HD Leaks

4.Chinese Tech Firms Agree Govt Censorship

5.Google Eyes Search Acquisition in Korea

6.Africa to pass 1Bn Mobile subs by 2016

7.Twitter for iPhone creator leaves

8.Apple's Plan To Get Products In Schools

9.Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt Thinks Siri is Google Competitor

10.Disney and YouTube set for Partnership

11.HTC Confirms First ICS Update Handsets

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Forefox 8 is Now Available For Download Now

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Firefox 8 is set to relese officially on November 8.Though it is now available

for download on Mozilla's servers.

FireFox is facing some tough competition from Google Chrome which updates

automatically once in 6 weeks which explains these rapid releases from Mozilla.

FireFox 8 brings improved security, high performance, more stability and improved

add on support.Unlike previous releases FireFox 8 is considered as major release

in Firefox family like FireFox 4.

You can download Firefox 8 for Windows here

You can download Firefox 8 for Mac here

What you think about Firefox 8 do share your thoughts in comment section Below.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011




1.iOS 5.0.1 Brings Multitouch to iPad 1

2.Google Launches Offers Android App

3.How to Find Who have Not Added You in His/Her circle

4.Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Released 

5.Batman and Duke Come to Mac App Store

6.Wikipedia Opens First Office in India

7.Doxo Adds Auto-Pay and AT&T Billing

8.Gates, Zuckerberg Lead Top Tech Powers Launches APAC Versions

10.China now World's 2nd Largest App Market

11.Internet Explorer below 50% market share

12.Google Launches Gmail app for iOS 

13.Angry Birds Tops Half Billion Downloads

14.Apple Beats Traditional Gaming Companies

15.Google Sidewiki To Close On 5 December

16.Google Gives Free Hosting To Indian SMBs for One year

17.Smartphones Get A Diwali Boost In India

18.You Can Now +1 Photos on Google+

19.Big Question: Will Anonymous Target Facebook on Nov. 5?

20.Motorola Launches Two Xoom 2 Tablets in the UK and Ireland

21.HP Re-Enters the Tablet Race With Slate 2

22.Apple Admits iOS 5 Battery Problems

23.RIM Hits Seven-Year Low : RIP BlackBerry

24.PayPal Takes Payments Offline With “PayPal Wallet”


How to Find Who have Not Added You in His/Her circle

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Now Google+ has a chrome extension to find and remove people in your circles

who've not added you back to their circles just like many twitter apps which tell

you who unfollow you, who are not following you back like tweepi,

who unfollowed me etc.

This Google+ extension named Uncircle Uncirclers+ works perfectly.This extension

is developed by Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh who call himself a IT Blogger, Software

Developer & Social Media Enthusiast.

The extension has the ability to process multiple circle also you can exclude a

particular circle like familiy circle, celebrity circle or any other.



Find out how to use Uncircle Uncirclers+ extension in a vedio emmbedded below.


Install Uncircle Uncirclers+ here

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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Goes Live


Rockstar Games just releases Grand Theft Auto V Trailer.The 90 second trailer  posted by Rockstar Games was highly anticipated.


You can watch Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Live Here at Technicia Blog


Do share your thoughts and comments on Grand Theft Auto V Trailer, does it rise to the occasion.
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011



Daily Tech Wrap Up

1.Google+ for Android updated with a new UI, better performance and lots of bugfixes

2.European XOOMs finally getting an Android Honeycomb 3.2 update

3.Microsoft announces Firefox with Bing, sets homepage and default search engine to Bing

4.Apple Launching iPhone 4S In 15 Regions

5.Rdio Coming To Germany And Australia

6.Nokia Rolls Out Free WiFi In London

7.LG Optimus U1 to be the company’s first Android ICS smartphone[RUMOUR]

8.BBC Launches In Thailand & Taiwan

9.Retail Chief Ron Johnson Leaves Apple

10.Spotify Gift Cards arrive in UK stores

11.Native Gmail App For iPhone[Rumour]

12.China Cyber Spies Targetted 48 US Firms

13.Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts

14.Google begins India registration for Galaxy Nexus smartphone

15.Now Google Street View's cameras take you INSIDE buildings




Today's Top Gaming News Trending On Web.

1.Akai Katana Shin To Be Launch in Europe In 2012

2.Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Trailer

3.Sonic Generations Trailer is Out Now

4.The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Details Revealed

5.Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Achievement List Revealed

6.November's PlayStation Plus Perks Revealed

7.Battlefield 3 Sells 5 Million Copies in First Week

8.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Delayed

9.Mass Effect 3 New Single Player Details Released

10.EA Offers Limited Edition Posters With Origin Battlefield 3 Purchases

11.Second DLC pack for Dead Rising 2 Available Today

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Today's Top Gadeget News Trending On Web.

1.Samsung Requested to see the iPhone 4S source code, claiming Three wireless patents

2.HTC sales and profits kept rising in Q3

3.HTC becomes the largest smartphone vendor in the US

4.LG Optimus 2X, 3D and Black To Get Gingerbread Upgrade

5.ZTE becomes world's fourth largest mobile phone vendor

6.Acer Announces the Windows Phone running Allegro

7.Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II To Get Ice Cream Sandwich

8.Siri successfully ported over to other iOS devices

9.AT&T Announces Two LTE Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivid

10.NOOK Color 2 “Confirmed” for Release Ahead of Kindle Fire
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1.Battlefield 3 Has Record Opening Weekend

2.China Drives Strong Sales for HTC

3.Google Reader Get's new look with Google+ Integration

4.ASUS: Windows 8 tablets coming in Q3 '12

5.Life in a Day now available on YouTube

6.WhatsApp crosses billion messages a day

7.HTC: We Won't Make Low-Cost Smartphones

8.MySchoolHelp lets you share your notes

9.Samsung readies selected Galaxy devices for business use

10.Conde Nast Traveler’s iPad App Has a Size Problem

11.Disney-ABC Signs Streaming Deals With Netflix, Amazon

12.Halloween Google Doodle Features Madcap Time-Lapse Video, Trending Worldwide

13.Republic Wireless: An Android-Powered, VoIP/Cellular Hybrid Carrier That’ll Cut Your Phone Bill In Half

14.New Mobile Ad Unit Lets Developers Promote Apps That Are “Coming Soon”

15.Vodafone Launches Appia-Powered Mobile App Store In India

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