Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Is E-Mail Out and Social Media In?

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There was once a time, apparently during the dinosaur days, when communication was between two or more speaking individuals who met face to face with each other. Throw in a few attempts with the modern technology of the times, a cup and string, Morse code and the like, and we find ourselves all the way into the 21st century with more communication options than we can shake a stick at. Who knows, perhaps all in good time something amazing will be done simply by shaking a stick, as well.

"Who Am I Speaking With, Please?"

As we run down the list of communication alternatives, it is interesting to note the growth that takes place within the realm of each specific creation. The old-fashioned telephone, which was once considered the most popular and most effective way of communicating with friends, neighbors and those in far-away lands has been upstaged by fanciful phones that not only connect two or more people through the magic wires, but also provide pictures, games and cameras all-in-one. What a lovely surprise for us all, or so we assume.

Computers have been designed to "do the work for us." Little did we know it would do almost all of the work of personal communicating, period. Certainly this incredible creation is one to be admired and appreciated. However, it would seem evident that people still actually enjoy talking to real people. Add one point for ingenuity and remove one point for incomplete planning, or anti-social media games at the very least.

Social Media or Anti-Social Media, That Is The Question

As the never-ending yet always creative methods of communication continue, we find ourselves within today's technological updates being swept away with electronic e-mails and online social networking or social media. The buzzword protocols fluctuate almost as much as technologies do. E-mail was once the amazing new creation that seemed almost unfathomably available for the regular Joe. Mostly beginning in the work setting, e-mail made communicating easier, faster and organized. Spreading news around was a breeze. Hence another new name for electronically reaching even further out into the world is born. We dub this new protocol as social media news.

Is Social Media Becoming a Preferred Method of E-Communication?

Social media news extends far beyond that of ancient e-mail. In fact, social media news capacities are spreading like wildfire in homes, offices and personal spaces everywhere. Corporations are beginning to realize that e-mail could be losing ground. The attraction flows toward newer methods of communication that deliver audio and visual capacities in place of answering and organizing hundreds of e-mails on a daily basis. Many believe that e-mail actually slows down productivity due to the constant maintenance factor.

Somewhere down the line we have to ask ourselves what kind of value systems donning so many avenues lined with indirect contact with our peers is really doing to our world. Social media certainly does have its advantages. Perhaps a little more personalized one-on-one mixed in with our world’s doses of techno-frill would hit the spot.

Fran Delaney writes extensively and humorously on technology, social media and gadgets.
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