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SEO Tactics for Local Search

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People often believe SEO can’t serve them mainly because they have exposures in only few geographic locations as brick and mortar stores. Larger audiences of search engines are beyond their purview.
Do you keep such believe in your mind? Think harder. Search engines are eyeing local markets. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other reputed online and mobile search engines are increasingly targeting geo-location specific searches. From their eagerness it seems next search engine war will be fought on our backyards only.

Technically local searches are typically those with geographic modifiers. People do not only want to know what, how or why, but they are interested more into where. This makes local searches very lucrative in business sense.

Many SEO and search engine experts believe local searches are more transaction oriented. This is because people specifically ask for location to reach out to the service provider or product seller.
But what is there for you in these local search engines? After all, as we said, you just own a brick and mortar shop. Answer is more visibility. Near 93% people are checking local searches before making any transaction decision today. Whatever product or service you deal with local SEO you will enjoy better exposure to your target audience.
So, you must know useful SEO tricks to optimize different local search platforms in your favor.

Identify your target base
Any marketing and sales process starts with identification of prospects. Local SEO is no different. Get a clear idea on who will be interested in your product and services. What keywords and phrases they are using while searching for those products and services?
This is important because keywords are important search criteria even in local level too. Keywords you use will help search engines to rank and list your name on any search result page for any particular product or service query.

Contact details
Local search is more about reaching out to the sellers’ and service providers’ location. So your contact details and address must be visible discreetly on you webpage. Every page should have them in either header or footer or on both parts.
This will help your prospect to contact you as soon as they think on reaching you with least effort.

Directory and yellow pages listing
Directories and yellow pages are traditional avenues of location specific marketing. Check which directories and yellow pages doing well in your target locations. There must be many of them. But few common online directories are Yelp, Insider Pages, and
Similarly,, YellowPages, InfoSpace and are dominant among online yellow pages. There are offline versions too and you cannot avoid them either.

Press releases
Newspapers with nationwide circulation are more visible no doubt. They cover wider varieties of stories too. But according to National Newspaper Association local newspapers are not lurking far behind too in terms of readership. Near 73% of people, in a survey, claimed that they at least once a week check local newspapers. That’s a huge base indeed. Many of those local newspapers have online versions too.
Use them in your local SEO. Release press updated on these newspapers. They will not only draw people’s attention but will work as a marketing content for your local SEO drive.

Use keywords in your page titles
Often people make the mistake and write plain vanilla page titles. Are you doing that? Don’t repeat from next time. Your page titles are first piece of information that people and search engines encounter. Use page specific keywords in your titles and don’t use any general title for pages.
Title should not contain only keywords because that sounds weird. Try to make them reader friendly too. In local search titles often drive traffic to your site. Often you see traffic coming on to only few pages. In that case you can channel that traffic to other pages with intelligent internal linking. That will boost up your overall website traffic.

Local search platforms

Google has Google Place for local business searches. Similarly Bing and Yahoo have their own local search pages. Try optimization skill on Google local business center, Yahoo local merchant, Ask business search and other search engines. Try both free listing and paid listings.

Connect lively
Add images and videos related to your business and location. They give your site a local flavor. You don’t need to spend huge on them. You need only decent looking video and images on what you do, how you do and where you do. These are simple basics that you can shoot with any decent digital camera and camcorder. Don’t try hard to make them viral. They need not be. These stuffs are for introducing your business to prospective visitors; they will have a basic idea on what they can expect before hitting the store.
This article is no list-all on local SEO of course. In fact, SEO is an art that depends more on nature of your business and market. But basic strategies that we have discussed here will give you some head start in the fiercely competitive local market.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on grand marnier attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on spark city.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

How To Hold A Good Blog Contest

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As a blogger you live and die by your traffic. It doesn't matter if you're in the travel niche, fashion, finance or sports, your traffic dictates your success. But the good news is that there are a number of ways to drive traffic to your blog, one such method being blog contests.

blog giveaway

Blog contests are one of the best and fastest ways to drive traffic to your site, not too mention also a fun way. However there are a few guidelines which you can follow to help make your blog contest a roaring success, see details below.

Write Your Blog Post

The idea has entered your mind and you've decided you want to host a groovy contest on your blog. Now you need to come full circle with your idea and decide on the specifics such as the who, when, where and what. Do this via writing your blog post which will announce the contest to your readers and visitors. Be sure to mention what type of contest it is, the beginning and end dates, what awesome prize the winner gets, how many winners there will be (if multiple), how to enter and how and where the winner will be announced.

Once you write the blog post, schedule it so that it coincides with the beginning date of your contest.

Gather A List of Places You Will Promote Said Contest

What good is a giveaway if no one knows about it? This means you need to promote your contest on as many places and sites as possible and let all your blogger friends know as well. Email your list if you have one, send a tweet, link to it on your Facebook fan page and so on.

However one of the best ways to advertise your contest for FREE is via the numerous sites on the web solely exist to promote various contests. Sign up, send them an email or otherwise fill out their contact form and let them know of your upcoming blog contest.

3. Have A Good Prize

This is key and can make or break your contest. If you have a low cost or cheapish prize it will not stir up the excitement and eagerness you want in readers and visitors. You want people excited about your blog contest and not only that, you want them shouting it from the roof tops. You want them to tell their friends and their friends to tell their friends and so on. The only way this will happen is via a kick-butt super awesome prize. Think about the blog contests which you have entered? What made you fill out the form, tell others about it and most importantly - what compelled you to enter? Think about it for a minute then try to emulate this for your blog contest on your site.

If you have never run a blog contest on your site, now is as good a time as any. Follow our three tips above and then come back here and let us know how it went. We know that if you do indeed follow our tips above, you will have an excellent experience and raving fans all over the web - such as on Twitter and Facebook - promoting you and your site via your awesome contest.

Have you run a successful blog contest? If so, share your personal tips below on what and how you did it. We would love to heard your feedback.

Rachel writes for a car hire Brighton web company on the net and also covers various car hire topics in a variety of niches. She has run a variety of blog contests to promote her site and is partial to caption contests, which can be very rewarding and loads of fun to run.
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Monday, 20 February 2012

Alternative Choices to the iPad

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When Apple first released its iPad tablet computer a couple of years ago there were plenty of people who were quick to dismiss it as not really being relevant. Since then, however, it has gone on to become a massive bestseller and, as a result, all of the other manufacturers have gone out of their way to come up with an iPad killer of their own. While that means rich pickings for people who don’t want to go down the Apple route, deciding on the right model can be tricky…

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 stands up as one of the main rivals to the Apple iPad and once you explore its inner workings, you soon find that this is a tablet that has star quality. The build, design and performance are all well up there in the high-end tablet stakes, while thanks to Android as an operating system you can supplement the built-in features with lots of apps too.

The Motorola Xoom 2 is an updated new tablet and continues on from where the old one left off. It’s got a 10.1-inch screen and also has the added advantage of MotoCast, which is a way of streaming video to the device. There are also plenty of options for music playback and the customised Android interface is quick and easy to use. Better than the first version, and keenly priced too.

The Asus Eee Transformer has been around for a while, but it doesn’t lose its appeal simply because this is a little bit different. You get a detachable keyboard, so it becomes almost like a traditional laptop. You can use the touchscreen if you prefer, but people who don’t get on with virtual keyboards will love it.

The HTC Flyer is an expensive bit of kit, but this Android-running tablet is certainly up there with the best of them. It looks really nice, rather like a bumper version of the one of the HTC smartphones. Meanwhile, the customised interface is as pleasing to look at and use as the Sense UI is on their handsets. Shop around though, rather than pay full price.

The Acer Ionia Tab 500 is a neat little 10-inch tablet that also comes running with Android and has styling that’s good on the eye too. There’s plenty of decent battery life, with about ten hours between charges, while it also has a full suite of multimedia toys on-board.

That’s really just the tip of the tablet iceberg though, because tablets are everywhere and they look set to become even more popular as 2012 rolls on. Whatever your thoughts on these mobile devices, there’s no escaping the fact that the tablet is here to stay. The only question remaining is; when will you be getting yours?

This guest post was contributed by Rob Clymo, from You can find more information on the tablets above as well as a netbook comparison of the latest models for 2012 on the website.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Secret world of hackers

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The present day hackers are akin to those who used to assemble at coffee houses during the 17th century to exchange knowledge, ideas and values, irrespective of their social status. They became so popular that King Charles II was fairly disturbed by the fact that these hackers were intruding into the conduct of the court affairs. The scandalous lifestyle of the King and his court was a matter of discussion in the coffee houses, where gossip and secrets of the elite was conveyed to the emerging middle class. King Charles tried to suppress this social equality and intellectualism that was freely held at the coffee houses. These early hackers are mainly responsible for the various changes that took place which transformed the English society in the 17th century.

Who are the present day hackers?
The present day hackers are skilled in digital science which they refer to as being playful and creative way of solving problems. They are responsible for driving the global economies by building up things as they believe that it is better to attack rather than defend a system. However, there are those who build and those who destroy and are called crackers, as there are also the white hackers and the black hackers.

There is a clear distinction in the way these hackers operate, as some of the more adolescent hackers do it just to show off their skill even as they break things apart. They do this more for the idea of rebelling against the system and authority rather than bringing something constructive out of it.

The hacker community may be small but they are spread out across the globe and united theoretically due to their expertise and knowledge. These hackers have their own differing views as some of them think that the ethics behind hacking is all important, while some are only interested in the intellectual challenge to create or destroy. This is not to say that are no divisions within the hacking scene. Older hackers considered the younger lot as having nothing better to do than to exhibit their teenage stupidity. Most of these hackers grow out of it but the ones who remain can create havoc in the system, as they have very little concern for the community they live in.

The ones who create are responsible for launching many new world wide web and free operating systems, such as the Linux Kernal and the GNU project, not to leave out Facebook which started off as a hack initially.

Hackerspaces and rogue hackers
The hackers come from different background and from a diverse community, comprising amateurs, professionals like engineers, scientists and innovators who share with the world free new tools and solutions. There are also the rogue hackers who have become popularly known as the Anonymous and Lulzecs, who recently grabbed the world's attention by leaking information from the government, News International and Sony.

The hackerspaces on the other hand are not necessarily destroying things but attacking government systems, to create an alternative to the things they see as wrong. This is the case with Telecomix where the hackers have kept open the lines of communication in the Middle East countries, where the government has shut down the networks.

Among the largest hacker community, the Chaos Computer Club or CCC formed in 1981 is the world's oldest and believes in the rising importance of digital technology. The CCC hackers are into running their own businesses and are far more mature and older. Their main concept is not just about hacking but rather a political hub with its own base at Marienstrabe at Berlin. They are responsible for deciphering many technological flaws in the Smartphone, PIN and chip. They consult with the German government and hold conferences and also work with activists for major causes. The club has been so named as Chaos not because its intention is to create chaos but rather in relation to how the world actually works. They believe that the club is meant to adapt to the chaotic and non-deterministic world as the best solution.

Political hacking
Hacking can penetrate even into the political system of human lives apart from the technology aspect, as hackers believe that the ideals of hacking can be applied to every aspect of life. Politics is considered by the hackers as just another system in the human existence and therefore can be hacked and these spaces become real time experiments. They go beyond the computers only by encompassing things like industrial machines, sewing machines, power tools and even penetrate the kitchen termed as culinary hacking.
One such classic hackerspace is the Nosebridge of San Francisco, where the members have send water balloon probes to collect data and images, using digital cameras and GPS smartphones up to 70,000 ft in the sky, by creating an active space exploration program.

The political ideology of the hackerspace at Nosebridge is more libertarian, where everyone interested can contribute time, money or ideas which is based on mutual respect, solidarity and aid. This is almost an anarchist principle which is slightly different from the Chaos Computer Club, as here; it is focused on producing real social wealth and freeing the human mind from government, wealth and property.

Getting into the inside
Some of the successful and creative hackers can find themselves inside the system with their hands on power. This is the case with Bill Cates who seem to have this constant fear and insecurity that Microsoft will be destroyed by powerful forces such as the IBM. Even though Microsoft is the world's biggest IT and himself being one of the richest man in the world, the hacker mindset seem to have a subversive effect upon him, when it came to running such a multinational firm.

These successful hackers had scant regard for intellectual property in their youth but once they had the power, they make every effort to copyright their products with the help of lawyers and their draconian laws.
The hackers and crackers are basically very intelligent beings with a high degree of curiosity, coupled with anarchist or anti-authoritarian bent of mind. They believe that information on the internet should be free and consider it as their playground. All said and done, some of the best improvements on computer security system have come from hacker community, with a view towards keeping the users safe.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on design and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a  3d laptop. These days she is busy in writing an article on shu uemura.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Are You Suffering From Facebook Fatigue?

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A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center determined that over the years, people are not tiring of using Facebook. The term “Facebook fatigue” is used to describe a decreasing interest and engagement in Facebook. The social networking site is used for so much online activity, and is now so integrated into the daily lives of many, that eventually there may be a burn out. While it seems like the world as a whole isn’t suffering from Facebook fatigue, it doesn’t mean that you, as an individual, are still as involved as ever. Lots of people are withdrawing from Facebook, especially with recent privacy changes and the introduction of Timeline. Are you one of them?

Daily Routine

Billions of people worldwide use Facebook to interact with others. They update their statuses to let their friends know what they’re up to. They share pictures of personal events in their lives. They share the online content that interests them. They have conversations and make connections. They read the statuses, posts, and comments of their friends. And most people do all this on daily basis, even spending hours at a time on Facebook. Even though there is new content every day, does it ever get boring? You might find that Facebook just doesn’t satisfy your craving to share and connect as much as it used to. When you’re bored, instead of logging onto Facebook, you wonder what else is out there to interest you. If this is the case, you’re suffering from Facebook fatigue.


Because Facebook encourages so much communication, it can lead to a lot of over-sharing. People who over-share on Facebook say and post things that they wouldn’t in real life. They broadcast everything from the inconsequential to the extremely private, and all of their friends and acquaintances can see. In real life, maybe only a handful of people would find out. There are also lots of “Facebook stalkers” who love spending all their time digging up juicy gossip on the site, and they love over-sharers. However, if you’re suffering from Facebook fatigue, these highly impersonal forms of connecting with others are beginning to get old. You’re tired of seeing all that information in your news feed, because most of it you just don’t care about or don’t want to know. You wish there was some way to separate the few things that are relevant or interesting from everything that isn’t, and you can’t.

Real Relationships

If you’re suffering from Facebook fatigue, you also realize that your life is beginning to lack true personal connections. You talk to your friends and family from behind a computer screen, rather than having a real conversation. You might begin to wonder why no one picks up the phone anymore. Nothing can truly replace hearing someone’s voice or feeling their touch, but Facebook has come very close. If you crave more, you’re fatigued. The good thing is that you recognize your growing disillusionment with Facebook. Now, you can put more time and energy into the relationships that truly matter in your life.

Maddie Sharp would have a better byline for this article but it is her turn in Words with Friends. Never publish a piece without using a grammar checker.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to Increase Alexa Rank of Blogspot Blogs

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Recently Google has changed their changed blogspot urls to country specific custom top level
domain. That means if a your site has been visited from different country other than US your
visitor will get a different version of your blog with same content. For example if a visitor from
India or Australia visits your site than he/she will get a URL of your blog as
and respectively.

This will surely affect your Alexa Ranking if it doesn't affect your seo or Google PageRank as
Alexa will read different data for your different URL of your blog and that will totally destroy
your Alexa rankings.

So the question is "how to Increase Alexa Ranking of Your Blogspot Blogs from country-specific
URL?"OR "How to force Alexa to record your data from different version of your blog for .com
version of your blog?"

Well the answer is simple install alexa traffic widget on your blog.

Actually this is a trick to force alexa to even record your traffic from country specific domain of
your blog version of your blog, as if a visitor from certain country visits your
blog and hover his/her mouse

over alexa traffic widget then alexa will count those impression for .com version of your blog.

How to install this widget?

For this head over to following link and enter your the URL of your blog and you will be
provided with different codes, choose which suites best for your blog or which gives
pleasure to your eyes :P

I have chosen 120 x 95 for obvious reasons(I won't tell you why :P).

Here is a Alexa Traffic Widget for Technicia Blog.

Where Should you place this widget?

I think the best place to put this widget is at top of your page or near your content.
Place is at different location and see what works best for you.

Load Time

This may affect your load time, probably few milliseconds but it worth installing, if you
want to increase your Alexa ranking.
Note: If you want minimise the risk of downtime due to this widget, place it at the bottom
of your page after body section.

Add your suggestion

No post is complete without your suggestions, so feel free to add your suggestions in comment section below.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

HTML5 The Future of Web

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Hi All

If you know about android, flash, lumia then you also must know about HTML 5. If you don’t know about any of the mentioned things then I am surprised that you are reading a tech blog. Well let me put this way for everyone to understand.

Nerds skip the following points and non geeks please continue:

  • Android is a free Operating system for mobiles like iOS for iPhone and Symbian for Nokia.
  • Flash is a technology for displaying multimedia on websites owned by Adobe and widely used.
  • Lumia is Nokia’s latest Mobile.
  • HTML5 is like something which will suppress Flash.

These are all the burning trends of market. There are many others like this and I apologize if I disregarded some technology for other.

So, the introduction is complete. But you might have questions about HTML 5. I will answer them all, one by one. Flash is a scripting language which is widely used over web, generally accepted by all the browsers to display multimedia i.e. videos, audio, slideshows, games and presentations or documentaries.

So, where do HTML 5 fix in all this. HTML 5 is also a type of scripting language which can be used to display multimedia i.e. videos, audio, slideshows, games and presentations or documentaries. Indeed, there is no difference between Flash and HTML5. However, why are people going to use HTML5 in presence of Flash? Adobe Flash Player has been in market since 2000. Obviously, there will be many people who know flash script, can program in it and can make wonderful apps with it as well.

Web pages are made with HTML and CSS combined with JavaScript and some server side scripting language. If Html 5 can do all the job of multimedia then flash will not get any place for their market in the web. HTML 5 is still under development but a lot of appreciation has been shown for them and almost all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer has accepted them. The question arises why people would prefer HTML5 to Flash.

There are two points, users will like, as they won’t need any additional plug-in to download to start playing any multimedia content. Many people might not know that they cannot play YouTube video if they don’t have Adobe Flash Plug-in. Similarly, Silver light apps cannot be played until and unless you don’t have silver light plug-in. The question is why developers would like to develop in HTML5. The answer is the demand of users, and browsers. Browsers will show support for HTML 5 as browsers love to follow standards. Users will love to use it as they avoid additional plug-ins. At last, developers will have to learn HTML 5 and it is not that difficult. Indeed, it is easier than Adobe Flash’s action script. Action script is a language to program Flash applications.

The plus point HTML5 has is it is a w3c standard. W3C is a World Wide Web Consortium that makes standards for the web and hence the web is flourishing so well. HTML5 when backed by CSS3 both of these will be standards, can do everything what flash can do. W3C is adding more functionality to HTML5 to go beyond the power of flash. Due to this Adobe is going to shut their flash business down. Indeed an era is going to be started known as the era of HTML5 that closed the doors for Flash.

Not only Flash, Silverlight i.e. a Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash will also be closed, which is almost the same thing like Adobe Flash but with a label of Microsoft on it. Such standardization will need support of browsers that render the HTML5 Content. For now, Chrome is ahead of all others in this task. After Chrome comes, Firefox and Internet explorer is way down in the list. Check the mock on Internet explorer here to see how poor their performance is in browsers market.

For the sake of completeness, let’s mention another technology which is already outdated but similar to Silverlight and Flash, that is Java applet. Java applets had a lot of boom and they are the trendsetters in this multimedia market. Java is a separate topic to discuss and have lot of contributions in this field but they will also be further eliminated by HTML5 and CSS3.

Revealed by
Muhammad Kashif Shabbir
A Blogger at Computace, interested in Game Development and keeps an eye on what happening in the tech world.
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Friday, 10 February 2012

5 Steps to College Student Success

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It's easy to fall behind with studies. With friends, parties and college life in general constantly vying for your attention, it's hard to make studying a priority. But if you want to get back the money you put into your education, there's no way around it. You must study.

1. Scheduling: Make Studying a Part of Your Daily Routine.
Find a way to incorporate studying into your regular schedule. Even on days when you don’t feel like studying during your self-appointed homework time, you need to make sure to stick to your plan. By committing yourself to studying as part of your daily routine, it will soon become habit.
Along with setting aside daily study time as part of your routine, you should also come up with a specific plan for each study session. By creating an agenda, you will know which tasks you need to accomplish. You will also be able to prioritize your homework, ensuring that the most important subjects are covered first.

2. Switch up Your Surroundings.
Most students have a dedicated study location, as courses on study skills encourage students to pick a specific place in which to do all of their studying; however, research has proven the opposite to be true. By simply changing the room in which one studies, students have demonstrated increased retention. This is because the brain makes associations between the material being studied and the environment in which the studying is done. If you study a subject in different places, your brain makes multiple, usually unconscious, associations between your varying surroundings and the material you are studying.
3. Study Smarter, Not Longer.
Study smarter by making sure you are getting the most out of your time. Optimize your study time by selecting a place to study that is free from distractions, sticking to your study schedule, figuring out what learning style best suits you, reading effectively, listening during lectures and taking good notes.
Research has shown that by studying several different topics as opposed to concentrating on just one, you are more likely to remember what you have learned. Dr. Rohrer, a psychologist who researched the difference between students who focused on just one topic and those that studied several, was able to deduce that the latter method proved more effective for retaining knowledge.
4. Sunshine is Your Friend.
Whenever possible, study during daylight hours. Research has shown that studying for 60 minutes during the day is equivalent to studying for 90 minutes at night. Some people find that they are more energetic during the day, with the added energy making it much easier to motivate yourself to study. Getting more sun helps any student, no matter what subject they study, or whether attending nursing, information technology or criminal justice schools.

5. Study Sooner, Rather Than Later.
If you can, review your lecture notes as soon as possible after class. This gives you a chance to process the material you have written down, while reinforcing it at the same time. Also, if questions arise while you are reviewing your notes, you’ll have adequate time to clarify these concerns with your teacher or with a fellow classmate. It is also important to space out your study sessions, allowing yourself time to “forget” the material. By forgetting and then revisiting the subject, your brain is forced to relearn it, which only helps to reinforce the material even more.

Visit he Criminal Justice Blog for more information about criminal justice careers and navigating your education successfully.
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Thursday, 9 February 2012

6 SEO Best Practices That Will Matter Moving Forward

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The internet as we know is rapidly changing in a way like never before. Up until now, getting your website noticed in the SERPs (search engine results page) has required quite a bit of knowledge in terms of SEO tricks and keyword research. However, with new technologies and strategies for bringing users relevant information, the web and how users experience it is extremely close to changing for the better. Because of this, there are a few things you can know/do to prepare for the direction that the web is certainly heading in.

1. One of the first things you can do is optimize your content using Schema's ( tags. is redefining search on the web by slowly moving away from the technical aspect of SEO and toward actual content and how relevant it is to a user's search terms. With Schema's tags, you can easily place a read-able description for search engines on your content so that they can direct users to it more easily. Schema takes meta tagging to a whole new level, and it will undoubtedly help users have an easier time when they look for your content that you have to offer.

2. Remember that the web and SEO is moving towards your actual content. The old saying, "Content is king," has never been more true. Instead of a website being ranked high because they targeted search terms with low competition, websites will soon be ranked on account of purpose. The more appropriate and relevant content will be ranked higher for search terms that they correlate more to. Instead of crawling for search terms and keywords, Schema will redefine search on the web by causing search engines to crawl information as a whole to gain a complete understanding of the information given.

Google Panda Updates are proving why content is key to success.

3. Because the web is moving so quickly in this particular direction, it's best to take advantage as early as possible to gain an advantage over the competition. Just think, while your competition is still busy paying to target and maximize on keywords, you could be gearing your web presence for the direction that the web and search is about to take. Just because many other people are neglecting to acknowledge Schema's online presence so early in the process doesn't mean that you can't go ahead and start optimizing your content for it. Imagine, as soon as it is more popularly implemented, you'll already be completely optimized for it.

4. Google+ is also on the verge of significantly changing the game as far as web search goes. To understand how Google+ will do this, you first have to consider how product reviews influence purchases on the internet. It's not very likely that an online consumer will purchase an item without initially gaining an understanding of the product through product reviews. The odd part is that the consumer will take this information and advice to heart, even though the people providing the information are complete strangers. Now, imagine being able to get product and service reviews that you're searching online not only from strangers, but also from your friends, co-workers or family. For example in the future of Google+, if you searched for a cell phone online, you might get results for various deals, but you'd also see recommendations and "+1's" from friends near the top of the SERPs.

This is all from being connected via Google+. Additionally, this is a very realistic and probable strategy that Google is working on right now to change the way search works forever.

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18 Reasons Why Google+ is Better for Business

5. Start encouraging your users to +1 your content and spread hype about it. Because it probably won't be long before users start taking their friends' and family's "+1's" into account for choosing a product or service, you'll want to start building this number up early on. There is a very good chance that this type of search will absolutely take the internet by storm, and you'll want to be on top and ahead of the game as soon as it does. What do you have to lose? Spend time encouraging your users and educating them on the benefits of the "+1" that Google offers.

6. The best thing to do prepare you and your content for this change is to make sure that your website and content are relevant and recommendable. The internet is definitely on the verge of changing, and websites will be ranked more on what it offers rather than silly SEO tricks. Because of this, you'll want to be sure that you offer the internet something valuable. Is your content valuable to the rest of the world? If it is, you'll surely get an easy path when the internet moves in its transformation toward real people and away from algorithms.

Author Bio
Brian F is the in-house SEO for a virtual private servers provider based in North America. 
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Police Officers Use Smart Wheels & Hellip

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Police officers remind society every day of the necessity of law enforcement. Everywhere you look there is always the presence of lawlessness and the need for the average citizen to seek protection and refuge from evil. When humans see police officers around, they are comforted in knowing that someone is fighting to maintain and protect the liberties they hold dear.

Police officers are most concerned about protecting the lives of innocent citizens, which is why they are on “the smart wheels,” high-tech police vehicles, to reduce fatalities. Have you ever seen a drunk driver speeding down the road at 100 miles an hour, or teenage gangsters speeding down a long highway en route to another city or state to protect themselves from a drug arrest for which they are guilty and should be placed behind bars?

Often, in these “wild-goose chases,” criminals take to speeding on the streets as a way to outsmart the police and escape the clutches of prison handcuffs. However, it is in these times that both criminals and innocent bystanders lose their lives. A few cases make the point.

Latia Winchester was an innocent bystander in her car. She was struck and killed instantly when she fled a routine checkpoint stop.

Robert DeWayne Davies and Ernest Shawn Davies (Robert’s brother) were both killed when they drove into a tree, speeding to avoid a ticket or arrest due to driving 82mph in a 35-mph zone.

Michelle Taylor needed to pull over for investigation, she was told by police. She turned on the vehicle, sped down the road, and was killed instantly when her vehicle collided with some nearby trees.

David Wayne Cox met his tragic end when a local county sheriff, speeding to catch a motorcyclist in violation of traffic laws, collided with David’s vehicle. David was intoxicated but was not the target of the sheriff’s chase.

All of these cases took place in the state of North Carolina within the last four months.

If this is not bad enough, law enforcement officials have lost their lives in the process as well. What has contributed to the increase in the number of traffic deaths in North Carolina, for example? The high-tech nature of police cars.

Think of what crime-fighting technology involves: crime-fighting technology must have installation in police cars. Navigation systems need installation. License-tag detection, gunshot detection, and vehicle surveillance technology need installation. All of the devices used to catch criminals and find locations of current crime and lawlessness require technology—which must be installed in police cars.

Technology of the crime-fighting kind requires a lot of intricate wiring and complex arrangement to ensure it works properly and will not harm policemen or law enforcement vehicles. However, when law enforcement sets out to catch criminals and speed on local highways to do so, the metal, wiring, and other vehicle materials (such as gasoline) combine to take the lives of law enforcement officials who were simply doing their jobs.

How should society as a whole respond to this complex issue? There are two major ideas to be considered. First, law enforcement must let their crime-fighting technology work for them. Instead of going after some speeding criminal, law enforcement should let their license-tag technology catch the license plate and use their vehicle navigation capabilities to find the address and whereabouts of the transgressor in question.

High-speed chases, by default, are a trace of the past—in days long ago law enforcement officials chased speeding criminals “not to let them get away.” Consider, too, however, that, in those days, no navigation, license-tag detection, gunshot detection, or vehicle surveillance existed. Law enforcement was forced to chase down criminals in order to catch them.

Today, there is no need for a highway speed chase with every lawbreaker that wants to get away. Even traffic lights have small cameras installed that, with one change of the traffic light, can get a clear photo of a driver’s license tag number. Law enforcement must no longer fear for traffic violations at traffic lights—and the same goes for other places on the highway.

Another idea for consideration is harsher penalties for speeding drivers. Those who desire to speed away on the highways when faced with a traffic ticket or legal penalty should be arrested and charged with attempted murder. Even if no one is hurt on the highways, there should be a clear message sent to speeding drivers—if you are told to pull over on the side of the road by law enforcement, give yourself up to law enforcement, or you give up some years of life behind bars.

This may not sound popular to many, since there are enough criminals in local jails, state prisons, and federal penitentiaries to form an entire country; nevertheless, the only way to force criminals to comply with the laws is to treat them as criminal if they do not comply. Law enforcement should not speed and chase them down (while taking innocent lives) to catch one lawbreaker. This may not bring back the innocent lives that have been lost, but it could play a major role in preventing the loss of life in the future.

The article is contributed by John Smith; His Interest in Technology, cars and gadgets has made him a very dedicated and a passionate writer, to know more, visit his site Aanbesteding politievoertuigen and politie aanbesteding.
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Monday, 6 February 2012

Google PageRank Update: Everything You Need To Know

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About 3 months after the page rank update in November, Google has just rolled out new PageRank update for various web Page's today on 6th February 2012 and guess what it was good for us. For your information, Google updates page rank in every 3 or 4 months and it was expected in the late January or early February.

Higher Pagerank for Technicia Blog 

Yes our page rank updated from two to three, thanks Google for updating page rank. In addition to that my personal Google+ profile page rank ( for both /post and /about ) updated from one to two. Now I'm looking to launch a new blog about social media specially on Google+ and twitter :D

Last Few Updates

PageRank updated on November 08 2011
PageRank updated on August 05 2011
PageRank updated on July 18 2011
PageRank updated on June 27 2011
PageRank updated on January 20 2011

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a rank given to web page by Google on the basis of sites linking in, note that its not only the total number of sites linking in it but its about the quality of sites linking in. For example I would be very happy if several blogs with page rank 6 link to my blog rather than tons of pr1 blogs linking in.

Actually page rank indicates importance of web page for Google and it was developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Below is the page rank meaning from one to ten.

Page Rank 0: Don't worry, you have nothing to loose :P
Page Rank 1: Poor, But the best part is you can tell your blogging friends you have page rank.
Page Rank 2: Don't worry, 90% of blog has page rank 2. Tip: comment more.
Page Rank 3: Avarage, yeah you just got the real taste of blogging, you need to submit guest posts and do at least two directory submission per month.
Page Rank 4: Good, You are doing it right. Just submit more guest post to sites having pr6 or above.
Page Rank 5: Very Good, please contact me :P
Page Rank 6: Great, you have done some good work and you are one of the top blogs in your niche.
Page Rank 7: Awesome, You are leading the way for other blogs.
Page Rank 8: You are on fire and you must have great fan following.
Page Rank 9: You are best in your niche. example
Page Rank 10: You rule the web but the worst part is you can't improve your page rank. example, etc.

How Can I See PageRank?

There are lots of tools available for viewing your page rank but I would recommend you to install chrome extension named "PageRank Status" for this purpose from here.

Don't worry if you are not using chrome, you can still use online tools like  and to check page rank of desired pages.

What if I'm using FireFox?

Switch to chrome :P(not kidding) or just install PageRank for Firefox.

What if I'm using Internet Explorer? 

I think You should not worry about page rank system, just focus on blogging. However you can still install Google Page Rank Toolbar for this purpose but seriously it will not help.

How Can I Increase My PageRank?

Good question, well the answer is simple, get dofollow backlinks from high page rank blogs, yes getting nofollow backlinks is useless as far as Google page rank is concerned. For increasing your page rak you can do following things.

Submit Guest Posts: 

Submit Guest post to high page rank blogs, start with page rank 2 and move on to high page rank blogs.

Directory Submission: 

Directory submission is very useful tool if you are willing to increase your page rank, it might be difficult as they usually don't accept low quality articles but it worth submitting.

Some Article Directories I would Recommend are, GoArticle, EzineArticle, etc.

Comment, Comment, Comment:

Comment on Dofollow blogs, it might be difficult to find dofollow blogs but they can increase your page rank to great extent. Comments are most valuable if they are done on relevant pages.
Tip: Also comment on nofollow blogs not for page rank but to gain some valuable traffic.

Internal Linking

Do links to your own article, specially use 3 way linking? Three way linking can give you higher page rank in no time.

what is three way linking? 

consider page A, page B and Page C. Now Link page A to page B and then link page B to page C and finally link page C back to page A.

Link To Google

What the heck you are talking about? please calm down Google also needs traffic and want to improve their page rank as well. If you send them some quality traffic, they will send back some quality traffic to you as well.

Link To Other Blogs

Link to other blogs if you trust them i.e. if they are not posting spammy contents, in this way not only you are able to gain other bloggers attention but you can get some link back to your site as well.

Add Your Suggestion

No post is complete without your suggestions, so suggest any tip you got in comment section below. Remember we are not a dofollow blog :P

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After Megaupload BTjunkie Goes Down


We all know BTjunkie as one of the best BitTorrent search engine but not now, yes btjunkie is no
more. The site has been shut down due to obvious reasons. In the morning I have tried to access  BitTorrent  and I was shocked to see  the message (see the screen shot below) posted there.

Why it was Shocking for me? 

It was shocking for me as the site was never involved in any legal action unlike others such as
4shared, mediafire, the pirate bay etc.

For those who don't know what btjunkie is, BTjunkie is a web web crawler used to search for torrent
files from various torrent sites available. The sites has alexa rank of 390 and visited by millions of people daily.  See the screen shot below to view the details of BTjunkie.

It doesn't matter if US government was unsuccessful to implement sopa/pipa, they can still shut down sites like Megaupload and Btjunkie without sopa/pipa and acta.

What you think about this issue, please add your thoughts in comment section below.
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Sunday, 5 February 2012

How to Become Rich on the Internet

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A lot of people think that they can become rich on the Internet just by finding a gold mine, or a super popular niche. This is what my employees thing, and I have to constantly remind them that is not how it works!  Even though their are occasionally people who strike it rich and 6 to 12 months, they are not the majority of full-time Internet bloggers. In my experience, it is not like that for most people who make their living online. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, just a slow and steady stream of income that will grow as you put forth the effort, and apply faith.

Have Faith

Faith is super important to making any progress online. This is because you have to work before you get any return. According to the Scriptures, faith is believing in something that you can't see that is true.  This is the way the I look at my work as a blogger. I can't see my income, but I think it is their, and if I keep on working, I can develop it until it becomes what I want it to be.
The most difficult part about working online as a blogger is that you can work on a site for six months with out having it produce anything for you. But that's okay, you just have to keep on trying and keep on working. The more effort you put into something, the more likely it is going to be the payoff. I have had sites that have made only $50 after six months, and that two months later, they were making close to $1000 per month.  I'm not sure why that is, but maybe we are rewarded only after our faith in quality content and consistently building is tested.
If you want to become rich on the Internet, the first thing you have to do is learn how to write. Writing is persuading people to do what you want them to do or to see things from your point of view. I don't consider myself an amazing writer, but I do write a lot. In an average week, I often find myself writing 70,000 words or more.

Believe You Can Do It

The next you have to do is you have to believe in yourself. Without believing that you can succeed and be successful, it is impossible. This belief has to lead you to action. As you act, you will start noticing small accomplishments. Then, as you act more and invest more of your time, your self, and you are resources into your blog, then you will start to and see it increase and grow. Then, you will have to step back and think to yourself that this is really amazing, that Internet really can make money to provide for my needs. And then, if you are seriously motivated, you can increase your income even more. It is exciting, and it is fun and you can succeed online.  The key is to be determined. I have had a lot of sites fail a couple of times. Then I have come back, redone the site entirely, and remarket it it only to have it succeed. It's pretty fun when you can do this and be successful at it.

One of the ways that you can eventually become rich is by saving money. Start saving money now in everything you do, by figuring out how to shop at RV auctions, or how to buy car repos for sale.

This article is written by Spencer, an online blogger and expert who successfully own several money-earning websites across the internet. He likes to share useful tips and advise to help people save money and have financial freedom. Learn more about Spencer's valuable tips on saving money by shopping at RV auctions, or how to buy car repos for sale.
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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fundamentals of Business Logo Designing

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Many businesses would just keep on wasting their time and money over how to get their logo designed; this basically happens because they are not aware of the fundamentals of business logo designing. If you are also a business owner and looking forward to get a logo designed for your business that will give your brand a professional image; you need to know how this process should be exactly done. Your logo is something that will make your business wins the trust of the entire market. This is why you need to be highly careful when getting a business logo designed.

Competition Analysis

Some analysis should be done first about the competitors. Have a look at your major competitors and see how they are promoting their brand and how they have created their logo. This is important so do not skip this step. Also, make sure you are not thinking of copying any of the logos from any of your competitors; just do analysis, no copying. This will just be a source of inspiration and ideas to make your own unique business logo. This way you will be able to understand the market in a better way and see what they are appreciating. You will then be able to come up with a business logo that will be much better compared to what your competing businesses have.

Strategy Thinking

Creation and execution of a proper plan is necessary. There are some questions that need to be answered and automatically you will have a plan ready. The way you want to target the market, how should they perceive your business once they look at your business logo, what impression should be left over the audience? These are the questions that once answered will give you a plan to follow. Having a strategy is necessary therefore be slow, take your time, and be wise at every step; do not rush.

Design Stage

Now, whatever you have in your head should be kept in front of the designer who will make your business logo. You can tell that person about your ideas and he or she will tell you about what to do and what not to do. Well, a good business logo is always kept unique but simple so it can be remembered by anyone who sees it even once easily. The colors used in it should be hardly two or three; not more than this otherwise this gets unprofessional and fancy.

Will you be interested to learn more on the author? Denis is a contributor for Instant payday loans where you can get some useful tips when it comes to choosing the most appropriate loan.
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Friday, 3 February 2012

How to Get a Break Without Disconnecting

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How to Get a Break Without Disconnecting

It happened to most of us. We had a question, needed some quick information, jumped over to Wikipedia, and… oh that’s right—the blackout. If you use the internet a lot, you may even have made the same mistake several times on the same day. And in the process you realized exactly what the organizers of the blackout wanted you to learn. You really like the internet.

It’s helpful to stop and realize every once in awhile how much time and trouble internet technologies save each of us on a daily basis. Here are several of the major tasks you do regularly and what the alternative would be.

1.      Messaging

Need to quickly communicate a piece of information or connect with someone? Today you choose between email, Facebook messages, instant messages and texting, depending on who you’re contacting. Take away the internet and you’re left with two options you probably won’t like. If you call them you have to catch them at a time when they can answer, and then you get to go through the formalities of an entire conversation. Or if that’s too much trouble you can write them a letter. That’s right—a piece of paper, envelope, stamp, three days, wait for something to come back… it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

2.      Finding information

Do you remember card catalogs in libraries? They were invented to help us when we had a question but didn’t know where to start looking. The next time you wonder about a name, a date, or that recipe you know you read but can’t remember, imagine driving to the library, looking for a book on that topic, and hoping your information might be there. There are some questions you’ll have trouble answering at all without a quick Google search. We do it constantly, and you probably did it for the first time only ten years ago.

3.      Getting places

If you needed a map of your city right now, would you have to go buy one? Without the internet, you would be using it constantly. Instead of typing an address into Google maps and charting the distance and estimated time with traffic, imagine scanning across a sheet of paper and looking for an obscure road name before trying to decide how to get there. You never paid anything for the privilege of using Google Maps, it’s a much better tool, and best of all, you don’t even need to fold up the map when you’re done.

Here’s the most shocking thing about all of these technologies and the convenience they bring: you use them constantly without even thinking about it. They have so quickly become ingrained in our lifestyles that we don’t even realize how much time and trouble they save us. But try going back to the way you used to do these things and you’ll want to return to today’s conveniences as quickly as possible. Maybe that’s the true proof of how user-friendly they are—you use them, you love them, you could never do without them, and you don’t even realize it.

SeanTR is a technology blogger with a passion for technological innovations, language, and traveling.  When he’s not studying philosophy he contributes to ATTSavings.  Learn more about him @SeanTR
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Thursday, 2 February 2012

6 Benefits Of Split Testing

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Split testing is a process in which a business will create multiple versions of the same ad so they can make direct comparisons in how effective they are. Although split testing is also known as A/B testing, in most cases more than two versions will be created and used. Split testing is also used to compare the effectiveness of a website layout or its graphics, but it is most frequently employed to determine how the public responds to different versions of the same ad campaign. There are several compelling reasons for doing split testing.

Avoiding Waste

If you put out an ad on a site and have no idea how effective it is, you might be wasting money on ads that are completely useless. Narrowing the field down to the best ad assures you that your money is being well spent. You can then use the money you save for purchasing more ad placements

Costs Per Click

Many ad services like Google base at least part of their pricing structure on how effective your ad design and keyword choices are. As a result, you can significantly reduce you costs per click by having better designed ads. With split testing, you can quickly determine which ads are best and eliminate them.

Time Saved

Many companies also choose to use split testing as a way to get their Internet ads up faster. This is essentially a concept of consumer testing that allows a business to use several of their potential designs at once. Split testing leaves it up to the customer to choose the one that works best.

Click Though Rate

The key to successful online advertising is a high click through rate. For a customer to buy the product or service being offered, they have to actually click on the ad to get to the site. By split testing, businesses can quickly find out which ad does the best job getting the potential customer to the product.

Accelerated Ad Production

Using split testing keeps your staff on their toes, constantly thinking about new ideas and approaches they might try. As a result, they become accustomed to producing quality work quickly. In addition, since they are working faster, the relative cost for any particular ad they produce is reduced.

Constant Refinement

Another useful aspect of using split testing is that it makes the ad production process dynamic, allowing for constant change and improvement. Instead of launching new campaigns on an intermittent basis, new ideas and improvements can be tried out almost daily.

Jen Silva writes articles related to small businesses. A few topics include online fax service reviews and online tax reviews for products such as Free TurboTax. Visit her at to read some of her excellent articles!
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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SMTP has revolutionized communication technology

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SMTP is the abbreviated form of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a kind of protocol used for sending e-mail among the servers. The e-mail systems that exchange e-mails via internet use SMTP for sending the messages from one server to some other. It is generally used to send e-mail messages from a client to the mail server. It increases the deliverability of mails in less time.

A medium of fast communication

SMTP is a protocol to increase the   communication rate between the mail server and the mail received. A Transmission Control Protocol is typically used to establish the communication. The mail receiver uses command strings for supplying the necessary data by a data stream medium. The commands are generally originated by a particular SMTP client and receive a reciprocal response from a SMTP server and finally the session is opened and the e messages are exchanged in a smooth flow. This transaction system consists of three major commands or reply sequences. These commands are,

·         Mail command- This command is used to establish and construct a return address. This is an address established for bounce messages.
·         RCTP command – This particular command is generated to establish a receiver of the message. It can be used several times, each for every recipient.
·         DATA is issued to send message text. It is the main theme of the message. It comprises of a header and a message body, a blank line segregates both these parts. In general, sense DATA is a group of organized commands. Each server can provide either positive or negative reply.

It is implemented to access and operate mainly over internet port 25. Today after repeated technological advancement an alternative of SMTP is widely in practice in Europe is X.400. Even many servers these days are highly demanding ESMTP or Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which enables the sender the multimedia files as e-mails.  

Author Bio:
Robert Smith who is a Software Developer writes articles on SMTP. For more information he suggests to visit
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Things to Do if You Want to Achieve Top Page in Google

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For those of you who are just getting started in SEO, following are some helpful things that you should keep in mind if you want to achieve top page in Google for your website.

Use Your Keywords As The Anchor Text For External Links

This is rated by most industry experts as the top factor that could affect your site’s ranking. This could be obvious for most of those who have been into SEO for quite some time, but the importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized especially since there is still a proliferation of sites which are being linked by external websites and yet the anchor texts appear to be random across the various linking sites. This is a waste of a very useful tool that could have definitely helped them increase their ranking. Hence, it is very important that you decide on a keyword that you want to concentrate for your site and use it as your anchor text when other websites want to link back to you. You could always send a polite request to the publishers of these sites in order for them to make a subtle change or two. Just make sure that your keyword appears natural in the general flow of the linking article otherwise it may look out of place or even spammy.

Credibility Of Sites Which Are Linking Back To You

Your popularity with other websites is one way for Google to judge if you are a credible site or not, and worthy enough for them to include you on their top page for your keyword when the time comes. One way for them to know if your site is popular or not is through the number of links that your site is getting from other websites. It is not enough that you get a lot of back links going your way however. The quality or reputation of these sites will also matter as Google factors this into their algorithm as well. Do a little research on the sites which are linking back to you. Chances are, if they are also highly ranked by Google then it’s safe to say that they are deemed as credible sites. In this case it’s more about quality more than quantity, but take note also that in the internet world you will need lots of these quality sites linking back to you in order to register a blimp on the radar.

Link Sources Should Be Diversified As Much As Possible

Another factor that plays an important role in SEO is the diversity of respectable sites that are linking back to you. Meaning, you should be getting back links from as many different sources as possible, from high profile sites, blogs, comments, articles, rss feeds, social networking sites, and many more. If Google suddenly turns around and changes their algorithm by suddenly putting more emphasis on one source over the other, then at least you already have your stakes evenly spread out so that your site won’t be affected as much by any change in policies or anything.  

George Peterson currently works for one of the leading search marketing agencies in Denmark - Outrider. He currently works as a SEO manager. 
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