Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Apple iPhone 5: What and When to Expect

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Which is the most expected smartphone of 2012? I believe if you make a mini research and ask your 10 friends about this, 8 of them will answer, “The iPhone 5, of course!” Bigger surveys conducted by huge research companies also say that the iPhone 5 is really one of the most expected smartphones at the moment, along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and some quad-core devices announced at MWC 2012. But the worst thing is – we don’t really know when Apple’s new-generation iPhone will be released and what featured it will come with.

Most of us expected Apple to make official announcements about the specs and release date of the upcoming iPhone 5 in the beginning of spring, but Apple remained silent; they didn’t say anything about the new-generation iPhone even after the MWC 2012 where the other leading manufacturers announced their future flagships. I guess the reason of Apple’s long-lasting silence is simple – Apple just wanted to see the phones introduced at the biggest mobile eventso to understand the main trends of the year and to be able to make something really competitive. If so, most likely we won’t see the iPhone 5 released this summer–Apple will need more time to work on it.

So what are the major trends of 2012? What features should the iPhone 5 have to be able to compete with the best phones shown at MWC? Let’s see…
In 2011 we used to think dual-core processors were very cool, fast and powerful. Well, they were really good compared to the old single-core ones, but 2012 dictates new trends – quad-core CPUs that are twice cooler and faster. Two phones with such processors (clocked at 1.5GHz) were introduced at MWC – the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4X HD; plus Samsung’s Galaxy S3, the main competitor of the iPhone 5, will most likely come with a quad-core CPU, too. The iPhone 4Shad a “usual” dual-core processor, but if Apple really wants its iPhone 5 to attract more attention, they have to arm it with a more powerful quad-core CPU.

Big screens with high resolution are another major trend of 2012. There was a time when everyone thought Apple made the best displays with the coolest pixel density, but hey, HTC’s One X is coming with a 4.7-inch touchscreen with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution and about 312ppi pixel density – it’s a bit less than the iPhone 4S offered, but the difference is so little that a human eye won’t see it anyway. Now Apple’s goal should be to make the iPhone 5 with a big screen, yet the high resolution should be kept. It won’t be easy, but it’s absolutely necessary – nobody will want to buy a small 3.5-inch phone in 2012.

Good smartphones should have good cameras, too, so the next goal of Apple should probably be an extraordinary camera for the iPhone 5. I don’t think Apple can make a 41MP one like Nokia did for its 808 PureView, but some good software or interesting built-in camera applications will also do the trick.
And the last but not the least trend of 2012 is about big batteries. Samsung has armed its Galaxy Beam with a 2000mAh battery, and many other phones announced at MWC 2012 also come with high-capacity batteries.Apple also has to do the same, since the iPhone 5 will most likely come with a bigger screen and more powerful processor, which will require a more powerful battery, too.

So what do we have here? If Apple wants its iPhone 5 to become a real hit, they just have to make it according to the latest demands of the market – with a quad-core processor, a bigger touchscreen, a good camera with nice applications and a powerful battery. And I really think that’s what Apple will do before releasing its iPhone 5 in the end of summer or, which is more likely, in fall.
By the way, there are also rumors that the new iPhone will be called iPhone LTE instead of iPhone 5. These are just rumors, and I personally hope Apple won’t do such a thing to its new device – I’m sure most buyers will prefer the good-old iPhone 5 title, plus many potential buyers from other, non-English-speaking countries will probably experience difficulties pronouncing “LTE,” and some of them may not know what the word really means.

What do you think, what other features can Apple add to its iPhone 5 to make it the most interesting device of the year? And will it really be renamed?
Author bio
Amelia from is a real geek crazy about smartphones and everything about them. She’s now impatiently waiting for the two best phones of 2012 – Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 – to be released. She’s planning to buy both the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S3 on contract to be able to compare them and write many detailed reviews to help others learn more about these phones.

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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Monetizing your blog is not as complicated as you might think. You don't have to worry about programming skills or learning HTML. If you can write your blog, you can monetize it. But, just remember, only original and quality content would actually help you earn through your blog.
Here are the five easiest ways to monetize your blog:

1. Google Adsense
No matter what you read in forums, this is still one of the easiest ways to display advertising on your blog. Of course, the advertisements should be related to the content on your blog. The amount you earn would depend a lot on how much traffic your blog attracts. Google finds the ads that suit the content on your blog and lets you generate the code which can easily be pasted at the top, bottom, or on the sidebar of your blog. You could even have special ads within single posts too. You could display the advertisements in the regular feed of your blog as well. Remember, you would need to adjust the size, font, and colours of the ads to suit your blog. Also, you would need to post pretty regularly on your blog – possibly every single day – to really earn something as it would depend a lot on how useful your blog content is.

2. Paid Reviews
Everyone wants to read about how well a product works before buying it. People want to know if a service provider is trustworthy before paying. Reviews are some of the most read articles on the Internet. Paid reviews have text links at the end. A review assures the reader that someone genuine has tried a product or availed a particular service and is writing about it with complete honesty. Paid reviews are a trusted form of advertising. You could start writing your own reviews with text links to products you recommend to other people. Look around on the Internet for companies that offer money for reviewing their products and services on your blog.

3. Affiliate Links
Products and services described in your blog are a great way to earn. These are called affiliate links and available from manufacturers of products, providers of services, and affiliate companies that collect affiliate links for you. For example, if you talk about a particular skill in your blog like baking cakes, it would be helpful to post an advertisement for cake-baking mixtures. The visitors to your blog are more likely to visit affiliate links if they find them useful. Avoid blatant advertising as it puts off readers and they don't like to click on advertisements.
4. Sell Space
This way of monetizing your blog is only possible if you have a lot of traffic and original content. You could then approach advertisers around you to buy space on your blog for $10-20. You could choose blocks of space – of different sizes - exactly where you want on your blog and then offer it to advertisers. You would have to approach people directly in person or via the Internet to sell ad space.

5. Image Advertisements
Monetizing your blog photographs is a whole new genre. You don't even need space on your blog to use advertisements on your photos. If you have a photo-intensive blog, it's a great way to attract attention to your advertisements. These ads appear on photos and videos only when people mouse over these objects. You can look up companies that particularly offer ads-on-images options for their products and services.
In all, these are some of the most popular methods of monetizing your blog, but there are several other methods to help you earn via your blog. You could offer services and products yourself through your blog.

Author Bio

Ricks Sarouk is an avid Technology/Gadget geek who writes for AT&T Uverse and promotes all of their products for high speed internet service. Go to Att uverse coupon code page to see all AT&T offers.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Google+ Flow Chart: Its all about helping others

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I have seen people criticising Google+, calling it ghost town. Seriously, if Google+ is a ghost town I see dead people plusing, re-sharing and commenting on my post. You don't get it, Google+ is about helping others, interacting with people of your interest.

Believe in reciprocity and feel the magic of Google+

Having problem with Google+? feel free to ask anything.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

LinkedIn and Your Resume

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With 130 million profiles on professional networking website LinkedIn, there’s great potential for you to increase your professional visibility among those in your industry and beyond. It would be almost silly not to consider the benefits of actively participating in LinkedIn's social networking as well as maintaining an up-to-date resume. But despite the fact that social media networks are fast becoming a primary form of communication for millions of users, some people aren’t quite convinced that a social network for professionals is worth their time.

There’s evidence, however, that social networks are useful for the job market: more hiring managers are turning to social networks like LinkedIn to find and screen potential job candidates. And since many recruiters use LinkedIn, you should ensure that you know everything that they know about the online resource. LinkedIn can create visibility for prospective employees and employers. LinkedIn helps to link each industry in a small web-based community, and when you seek to become a part of that community, you may find your options broadening at the same time.

While your resume is a unique document that can make you stand out, LinkedIn is essential in today's job market.  That means it’s important that your resume and your LinkedIn profile work together in your job search. There should be similarities between your LinkedIn profile and your resume, but the two should complement each other, and serve to give HR professionals a more complete picture of you as a potential employee.

LinkedIn vs. resume

Although your LinkedIn profile and resume should be somewhat similar, one of the fundamental differences between your LinkedIn presence and your resume should be the tone. Your resume should serve as a "just the facts" report of your work, skills and educational background. It should also provide a recruiter an organized copy of your quantifiable success and career history. Often, companies require that a cover letter accompany your resume when applying for jobs. A cover letter gives you a chance to stand apart from candidates with similar professional backgrounds. Similarly, LinkedIn combines the uses of a cover letter and resume. Using a LinkedIn profile can be a real asset during your job search.

But although your resume should be somewhat cut-and-dried, your LinkedIn profile should be more detailed and provide more information about yourself. LinkedIn allows you to expand on your skills, education and experience in a much friendlier and congenial tone than a formal resume. LinkedIn also encourages you to combine the two purposes of your profile and resume, giving hiring managers a good idea of your personality as well as what you can bring to the table in terms of your professional background.

Leveraging social media

The modern workforce has become increasingly more reliant on social networking. From high school to post-secondary learning, students and workers alike are integrating technology into their everyday lives. Since LinkedIn’s features include the opportunity to write recommendations of your peers, colleagues and managers, it creates a platform on which you can give a full presentation of professional objectives and your personality to your target industry. Don’t be afraid to add multimedia to your LinkedIn profile: slideshow presentations you’ve done for school or other jobs, video, and other media can show a side of you and your professional experience that hiring managers almost never see in a simple resume.

With the use of smartphones and tablets on the rise, particularly with the younger generation of job seekers, using social networking as an effective job search tool is critical to today's mobile culture. Keep that in mind while you craft your LinkedIn profile: while your profile should be designed to show more of your abilities and strengths, it should still strike a balance between detail and conciseness. Smartphones are becoming as user-friendly and as powerful as computers, but a profile that’s easy to read from a smartphone might make the difference between drawing readers in and readers skipping over a profile.

[Connect with Rahul Roy on LinkedIn]

While it’s still vital for job seekers to make real life contacts and build professional relationships, it would be unwise to ignore the power that LinkedIn wields in the professional world. The best idea is to maintain both your real world contacts as well as cultivating an online presence.

About The Author:
Lindsey Harper Mac is a writer and editor living in Indianapolis. She writes on behalf of  Colorado Technical University
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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Google is Ready to Attack Apple Online

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Google is setting Apple on notice as it is preparing to dominate the mobile broadband market. With the rebranding of its Google Music as Google Play, Google is not just copying Apple’s store, but rather they want to drive it out of the online marketplace.

The Android market has always felt as it was the ignored little sister to Apple and its Apple store. With the Android platform taking over on smartphones and tablets, Google now believes it is the right time to jump in and take over the mobile broadband market.

Now, that Android has established itself as a legitimate platform for mobile devices from phones to tablets, it should now continue to evolve by proving itself as a viable service provider as well. With Apple’s death-like grip on its OS, Android is an open source platform that has and will continue to receive Google’s full support in the development area.

With Google Play store, Google is now combining its music business along with its ebook store into the ever growing Android marketplace. This is a clear and direct attack on Apple, its flagship device IPad and the Apple Store. Google’s grand scheme in rebranding the Android market is to have the Google Play store to be the one stop online shop in which users can use any Android powered device from smartphone to tablets to be able to download content that is tailored made for them.

Another difference between Google Play store and ITunes is that the Google store is browser based. What this means is that in order to access and use the Apple store and ITunes, you have to install an application unto your device. Usually that is fine however, software applications have been known to cause more than one computer problem. As a result, Apple’s users are tied to Apple’s software installing correctly and not causing any issues with either their computer or smartphone. That is not the case with the Google Play store. Since it is browser based, there is no installation needed. All that you need is an internet connection and you will be browsing the Google Play store at your leisure.

To help promote their rebranding of the Android market Google is offering “The Seven days to play sale.” During this promotion, users are able to try out the Google Play store and all of its features and if they are not satisfied they can cancel their accounts free of charge. Google is confident enough that its entry into the mobile broadband market will be a success that more users will love its new service than not.

Google with its well deserved history and reputation of pushing the envelope is nothing new. The Google Play store is another example of this as they are ready to take on the industry leader in downloadable content, Apple. Will they succeed? Only time will tell as Google is putting all of its support behind this venture. Needless to say, Google is putting Apple and the rest of the world on notice that they are in this fight for the long haul.

Author Bio: Tech writer EJ Parfitt has been writing for a short time now and has already picked up steam with entertainment, tech and mobile broadband sites .  During his free time , you're sure to catch him competing in local chess tournaments in downtown Fort Lauderdale FL . 
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Thursday, 8 March 2012

How Internet Communication Technology Improving In Face of Economic Downturn

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The global economic downturn has all the leading economies of the world in its clutches with regular bank bailouts and restricted government spending common around the world. There are many countries that are not well-armed to confront the prospect of a double-dip recession. Uncertain market conditions and unfavorable consumer sentiment have had a more direct impact on traditional commercial, tertiary and industrial ventures and there is an increasing uncertainty as to what course the economy will adopt next.

However, it is surprising to see how internet-communications technology has largely remained unaffected amidst all this uncertainty and skepticism. Leading internet communication service providers have reported sizable gains even in such markets where other businesses have failed to deliver.

Therefore, we can easily establish that internet communications technology is one industry that shows promising signs of upward growth.
Internet communication has evolved over the years into a lucrative investment venture. More and more businesses from all around the world have realized the manifold benefits of internet for their businesses. And internet has never shied away from complementing the growth and prosperity of businesses.

Today, internet service providers have devised a wide array of products and services especially designed to effectively cater to the increasing needs of businesses. Regardless of the size of the business or the industry it represents, internet service is the primary driving force in a business model for the fact that it has been integrated in practically all the business operations there are.

Internet usage was previously known to restrict the movement of the user so that strategy planners of businesses needed the shelter of their office or home in order to use the internet on their desktop PC or laptop. However, these days, ‘on-the-go’ internet service has become quite common and we cannot thank the inventor of broadband dongles enough.
Broadband dongles allow computer users unrestricted access to internet even while they are on the move. This makes a broadband dongle the best companion of a businessman along with a laptop. The possibility of mobile internet has opened up new frontiers for businesses all around the world allowing them greater flexibility in operations and accessibility to even the most remote markets. Furthermore, mobile internet has also helped multinational businesses manage their overseas operations more easily and effectively while also allowing them to optimize their sales process.

There is little wonder then why all the leading businesses around the globe opt for internet-based technology solutions to enhance their prospects of growth. As a result, internet communications technology has enjoyed a favorable market sentiment in the midst of an omnipresent and ever-growing economic implosion in the making.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, another underlying factor that has spearheaded the growth of internet communication technology is the belief by many human rights activists that internet is in fact a basic human right. This has made internet to many areas around the world where it is considered a luxury; a privilege that cannot be afforded by all. This has allowed internet providers to widen their network making the service available in under-developed countries and even remote rural areas.

After the introduction of the broadband dongle and the tremendous success of mobile broadband, many smartphone manufacturers have encouraged groundbreaking technological innovations in the latest range of smartphones. As a result, mobile internet is now available to practically anyone who owns a cellphone. This has shifted the focus of consumers to innovative products that offer them more value for money, boasting the fastest mobile internet speeds and incredible data transfer capacity. This has helped to improve internet-communication technology.

Looking at the widespread use of internet communications technology across the globe and the ever-increasing market, it is not surprising to learn that the industry has remained largely unscathed even in the midst of global economic meltdown and market uncertainty. Consumers have recently preferred using their laptops and handhelds to search for the best products, services and deals.

This has greatly facilitated trade, making internet communications technology an instant hit among consumers. Furthermore, additional advancements in technology are bound to increase the reliance of businesses on mobile communication solutions with higher data transfer speeds and greater accessibility. Once all these factors are considered, it is safe to assume that internet communications technology will continue to prosper even in the midst of the global economic downturn.

About the Author:

Sara Parker is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on Technology for various technology company. Her expertise are in writing articles related to internet providers, broadband dongle , Social media etc.
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Why Google+ is better than Facebook and twitter

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1. Editing posts and comments.
2. No spam
3. No Advertisement.
4. Google Ripples
5. what's Hot
6. Text formatting: *Bold* _Italics_ and -Strikethrough-
7. Google+ Badge.
8. Keyboard shortcuts
9. Better Privacy.
10. You can gain thousands of followers within few hours organically.
11. You can lock your post at any time.
12. Seo Friendly
13. No useless apps
14. Create your own meme.
15. circle sharing
16. Hangout
17. YouTube Integration.
18. #hashtag support with auto completion.
19. Drag and drop feature.
20. Google+ Brand Pages.
21. Search plus your world
22. Better content
23. Google product integration.
24. You can mute circles.
25. You can Ignore if you don't want to receive notification.
26. You can Add links to profile
27. Google+ Games
28. Awesome community
29. Google+ search: better than twitter and facebook
30. Google Chrome apps
31. Control who tag you.
32. Post URL
33. Link to original post.
34. User friendly
35. Simplicity
36. No character limitation(Practically unlimited)
37.  Better Mobile apps
38.  Feedback button button at the lower right.
39.  Easy re sharing
40.  Easy to find useful content
41. You can reply to comments without leaving the page, Awesome!
42. You can use it at office.
43. They listen and respond
44. Google+ is Better for Business

Recommended Googlers to circle:
Vic Gundotra    Natalie Villalobos   Louis Gray    Yonatan Zunger    Dave Besbris     Mike Wiacek

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Google+ 2012 Feature requests

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>> Bookmarking post: So that you can read it later.
>> Translator: Ability to Translate post
>> Shared circle notification: Receiving notification when someone shared a circle with you in it.
>> Ability to pause your stream: Self explanatory.
>> Google Group integration
>> Categorise notification bar: categorise notification bar with mention, plus one and comments.
>> Post Preview.
>> Ability to follow the post without commenting.
>> New post alert: You should receive notification when your favourite Gplussers post publicly.
>> Birthday reminder feature.
>> Google News integration.
>> Schemer integration.
>> Google Reader integration.
>> Task Management.
>> Google Calender Integration.
>> Ability to change sharing detail after post has been shared.
>> Google Maps Integration.
>> Google Music Integration.
>> Enable Group Chat.
>> Ability to add smileys to post ;)
>> Better circle management : Ability to manage your circle according to location, post frequency etc.
>> Ability to share post from blogger to Google+ brand pages.
>> Ability to scheduled and draft your post.
>> Increase 500 limit.
>> Facebook and twitter like apps.

Add your Suggestions
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How to Get circled On Google+

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1. Have a profile picture: First thing I look when someone circle me is their profile picture and I don't visit their profile if they don't have a profile picture. So upload your own avatar and not the logo of your blog.

2. Fill your about section:  No introduction means no circling back.

Tip: Add a simple line "You can add me to following circle" or "My interests" with suggested circles.

3. Post to public: No public post means inactive profile.

4. Post original content: Bunch of reshare, no thanks

5. Comment on others post: This is the best way to get circle, remember its quality which matters and not the quantity.

6. Use plus one button: If you plus my content, I will visit your profile and look for information.

7.  Post Regularly : You have not posted anything since last few months, in that case only spammers will circle you and the real Gplussers will actually uncircle you.

8. Don't copy use reshare button: Google+ is a bonded community where everyone help, respect and appreciate your work and if you are going to copy content instead of using reshare button you will be blocked publicly.

Add your suggestions. 
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5 wireless keyboards for the iPad

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All iPads come with touch screen options. While some find this option quite convenient but for the others, it become really uncomfortable. The best solution in that case is to opt for an external keyboard. But unfortunately the ones that are available in the market are too clumsy to look at. Actually, these external keyboards are best suited for desktops and laptops. Thus, they appear aesthetically incompatible with the compact structure of iPad.

Moreover, the bulky nature of these keyboards poses discomfort to be regarded as the perfect companion for iPad for those who travel much. Hence, it is always wise to opt for the wireless keyboards designed specifically for iPads. Wireless keyboards transform your working experience on an iPad into that of a fully functional laptop. Five most popular wireless keyboards have been compiled here for your consideration.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard
This Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPad has been ergonomically designed. It gives the user the closest feel of working on a desktop or laptop. The soft touch keys respond with the slightest touch. So, the user does not need to tap a particular key repeatedly during typing. But the keys are sensitive enough not to respond to casual taping either.

In spite of these advantages some customers argue that the bulky size of the product looks aesthetically incompatible with an iPad. Further, it appears to be too clumsy for being a perfect travel companion. But the comment from the manufacturer in this regard is really noteworthy.
It states that the weight of the keyboard is much lighter as compared to the bulky appearance of the same. Although aesthetically it seems to be a mismatch with a compact iPad but it is meant for serious people with serious business.

2. Belkin Wireless Keyboard with case
The Belkin Keyboard Folio contains a highly sophisticated and compact wireless keyboard. It is of a dimension of 9.1 inches x 1.1inches x 11.9 inches. It weighs 1.7 lbs only. So, this wireless option is much better that the discomfort of working on an iPad touch screen. Again, it is also a superior substitute for the bulky, conventional, wired keyboards too.

Belkin claims that the keys of this wireless keyboard are well spaced. This guarantees ease of typing. The clear directions in the attached instruction manual help the user to connect the device with the iPad in just five minutes. This keyboard has a folding flap. It slides back to the bottom to provide space for mounting the iPad while working.

3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard
This Logitech Wireless keyboard is equipped with two wing-like features. These wings slide out and transform into a full sized keyboard. It also has an inbuilt iPad stand. Further, it has an automatic power switch. The switch operates every time the wings are popped out and folded back. Simultaneously, the device gets turned on and off.
The nonmetallic surface makes the overall weight of the case together with the keyboard almost negligible. This wireless keyboard weighs 1.1 lb only. The ergonomic key spacing and the full sized keys make typing much more convenient as compared to other ordinary wireless keyboards. This product is ideal for frequent travelers.

4. iMage Wireless Keyboard from Cygnett
Cygnett has joined the bandwagon of the most suitable wireless keyboards for iPad. Thus, it has launched its product that is compatible with both iPad and iPad2. The keyboard gets connected to the iPad with the help of embedded magnets. The whole process is fairly simple and takes hardly a few seconds to get completed.
The upper covering of the faux leather case of this keyboard serves an additional purpose too. It is equipped with an inbuilt iPad stand which can be erected. Hence, the iPad can be mounted on it while working.

5. iLuv Keypad
This wireless version is best for the iPad users who give similar preference to aesthetic appeal and the functional features of their equipments. The ultra slim edge of this keyboard is worth appreciating. The contrasting silver border and the black keys make the keyboard look elegant. The aesthetic appeal of the soft touch keys resembles that of a laptop.

The ergonomic spacing of the keys and the firm platform all around the device provides comfort to the user during heavy typing. It is powered by two AA cells and looks like a prototype of standard full size Apple wireless keyboard.

Before shopping for the best wireless keyboard for iPad, it is essential to analyze your requirements, the nature of your work and technical specs you are looking for in your device. Once all these scores have been settled opting for the best wireless keyboard that is compatible with your iPad will be easier.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought  Bath Toys for Toddlers. These days she is busy in writing an article on Home remedies.

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

How Internet Monitoring Software Helps Safeguard Children


Internet monitoring software helps parents supervise their children’s online activities. There are various ranges of software available that limit access to inappropriate sites, control e-mail use, block chat rooms, and enforce access time. Similarly, schools and public libraries also make use of internet monitoring software.

After all, children are a significant part of society and their upbringing should be perfectly done so that society can prosper in the long run. Following is the range of most popular software for monitoring children’s internet activities:

Parental Control Bar

It is a free service. Parents can use this software to control the internet activities of their children. Along with its free public service, its installation procedure is really simple that consists of only three steps. Therefore, parents can install it even if they are not that used to computers.

If a website address is inserted by your child on the address bar of a browser, the Parental Control Bar compares the website with the settings you made. This way, it finds out whether the website needs to be blocked or allowed.

K9 Web Protection

It is an internet monitoring software that uses an advanced technology for filtering the Web. It is also used by governmental institutions and other organizations worldwide. It offers an interface that is user-friendly so that parents can easily make use of it at home. Its usage means that you will block content that is inappropriate for your children.


Besides tracking your child’s online activities, SocialShield has something more to offer for your child’s social safety. It identifies your child’s online friends. The software compares the names of your child’s friends to a set of databases to ensure that they have no association with unlawful online activities. If your child is involved in such activities, SocialShield sends you alerts so that you can take action.

It posts less threatening issues in the parent dashboard. Although it tracks all discussions your child has, it highlights only those issues that are important for your consideration. This way, you are not required to affect the privacy of your child. Moreover, you can use SocialShield to track pictures that were posted by your child. It will cost you $10 per month.

Big Mother

Big Mother safeguards your children by providing an interface that protects the password along with multifaceted features. By using these features, you can block access to things that tempt your children the most. For instance, some illicit online activities that it can block are to upload and download data, games, e-mail, chats, and websites.

If you think that giving your children limited access to the internet is fine, then you can develop different schedules in which you can allow internet access for some time.  Big Mother has an edge over many of its competitors, i.e. it enables you make restrictions on uploads and downloads according to their size.


NetNanny is considered to be the market leader in terms of internet monitoring software. It has been in the market for over 10 years. Due to its popularity, parents can download it instantly. It costs $39.95. Unlike others, NetNanny had a clear purpose before its development. It was developed with the help of child advocates, law enforcement, and parents. Furthermore, it helps you monitor and control access to the internet.

Although it is available with monitoring features that are set as default, you always have an option to customize your settings according to the unique needs of your family. NetNanny has integration with Safe Search options. It indicates that these options limit your children’s search on a search engine. These options are also found in famous search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, AltaVista, Lycos, Dogpile, and AllTheWeb.

PC Pandora

Like other internet monitoring software, PC Pandora is reliable software that monitors your children’s online activities. Along with that, it sends you warning alerts so that potential problems can be avoided. PC Pandora tracks all those websites your child visited, chat interactions, keystrokes, and emails. Therefore, it lets you have access to all online activities of your child.

Additionally, it also provides you access to login IDs and their passwords. If you feel something wrong is going on, you can handle the problem immediately. This way, parents are always on track in terms of what their child in up to. PC Pandora will cost you $69.95. It is available from different retailers.

About the Author:
Sara Parker is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on Technology for various technology company. Her expertise are in writing articles related to internet providers, internet services in my area , Social media etc.
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