Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Jelly Bean: The Best Android OS

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Google launched Jelly Bean at Google I/O 2012 and the entire gadget world start phrasing it. Jelly Bean is indeed a best Android OS produced by Google due to many reasons. Jelly Bean was introduced with Nexus phone and tablet. Motorola Xoom is the second tablet to receive Jelly Bean after Nexus 7.

Why Jelly Bean is the best Android OS yet?

1. Speed: The Jelly Bean is much faster and smother than Ice Cream Sandwich due to the introduction of "Project Butter". Project Butter involves Triple buffering due to which The CPU, GPU and display can run independently without waiting for each other.

2. User Interface and Design: The interface works better with the introduction of Expandable Notifications and Resizable App Widgets.

3. Google Now: Google Now is Voice assistance service that takes input in the form of voice and respond back in the voice mode, much like Siri but far better than that.

Google Now

4.  HomeScreen: The home screen is more customizable than ever. The access to apps and Google Play is lot easier now.

5. Widgets: Widgets are automatically re-sized to fit home screen.

6. Smarter Keyboard: The kayboards are faster than ever also the dictionaries are more accurate and relevant. They have also improved the text to speech capabilities.

7. Accessibility: The Gesture Mode is designed for blind people. Jelly Bean also adds support for accessibility plugins via USB and Bluetooth.

Don't forget to read the article listed below.
Features of Jelly Bean

Official Jelly Bean Page

All in All Jelly Bean brings Android OS to next level and it definitely works better than iOS.

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