Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Travel Blog


As of March 2012, Pinterest had over 11 million users and growing daily leaps and bounds since its inception. Fast forward to today and the new social network is the third largest network on the planet.

Pinterest has a certain appeal to women and as such at last count, 80% of users on the site are indeed females. This creates a boon for small businesses that cater to ladies and wish to reach this most fertile demographic. One area that is experiencing phenomenal growth on Pinterest is travel and armed with this detail, travel website and blog owners would be smart to reach out and touch someone via a strategic marketing campaign.

Below we dig into how to use Pinterest to promote your travel website or blog.

1. Showcase Lots Of Travel Photos

If it’s one distinct advantage that a travel blog owner has over other blog owners is that the niche lends itself to being photo and image centric just like Pinterest is. A would be traveler wants to see his future destination and those who can’t quite afford to go just yet, can dream of said places via your cool photos. The more the merrier, and the more photos you have on both your blog and your Pinterest boards, the more potential would be readers will flock to them. Think big, think exotic and think fun - when it comes to travel photos.

2. Pin Other Travel Bloggers

It’s no secret that to get noticed on certain social networks one has to do just that - network. Come together with like minded travel blog owners and PIN each others articles and images to keep a circle of love amongst your ideal visitors. Best way to do this is to subscribe to the boards of those in the travel niche and “repin” and “tag” every chance you get. Be sure to also follow their blogs via RSS or email to stay abreast of new articles and site updates.

3. Have Pinterest Only Giveaways

As with Twitter and Facebook, one way to create buzz amongst both readers and other blog owners is to create fun and exciting giveaways. Usually these are done on the blog itself, but if your aim is to increase followers and interest in your Pinterest account; it would be best to have the giveaway specifically (and exclusively) there. Use your blog and possibly your other social channels like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook - to drive traffic back to your Pinterest profile page. As with any giveaway, the better and coveted the prize, the better turnout and success you will have.

There’s a reason Pinterest has taken off like gangbusters since its inception just two short years ago, and that reason is that people love photos. They love looking at them, sharing them and even doing business with those who know how to take and share a GREAT photo.

Have you as a travel blog owner jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? If not, why not. If so, how have you fared with it.

image via (Albany Kid)

Article by: Brittany, who is in charge of the Pinterest account for her travel blog and website which is all about car rentals in the UK. She loves Pinterest the most out of all the social networks and so far has a variety of cool boards to showcase her love of travel.

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