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Top social media tips for bloggers


Top social media tips for bloggers

Social media is not a mystery anymore as even a school going kid has an account on Facebook and seems to be well versed in using it. But the role which social media plays in SEO is far more salient than just chatting and sharing photos! The bloggers are sometimes at a loss not knowing what exactly they have to do to drive the right amount of traffic to their website and get popular.

Some reproach social media saying that even after taking paramount efforts to socialize and share their blogs, the returns haven’t been satisfying or have never shown improvement. But, if you ask successful bloggers on how they built a massive group of loyal followers and ranked high, they would say that it can’t be achieved overnight or through a single executable plan. Here are some social media tips that will take your blog to the next level.

Become an active user on various social networking sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. Create your own community of friends and followers. You have to concentrate on building contacts with other bloggers and SEO experts as they can turn to be beneficial for your blogging activity. The more the number of social contacts you have, the wider your blog will spread.
Every time you post something new on your blog, you have to share it with your social media friends. This will make them aware that you have a new post on your site and drive them to read your blog.
What is the key to make new visitors become your regular readers? Well, you can have a social plugin or share buttons such as +1, like, pin it and tweet which enable your readers to share your content with their friends. Also, you can have a social media icon besides your name or picture so that when the visitor clicks on it, he will be instantly imported to your profile page. You should always give them easy access to social networking sites.
Shorten your links to get statistics about the number of visitors and the time at which they visited.  Also, get an RSS feed and connect it to your LinkedIn profile.
Be pleasant and responsive to your readers. Reply positively to those who comment, ask queries or give a negative response.  While you are commenting on other people’s blogs, link your social media profile to it whenever possible as it will increase your visibility.

So here is a message to all aspiring bloggers. In social media your online presence and user engagement plays a very crucial role.  Social media success can be achieved only by producing quality content, blogging consistently, alluring visitors to your blog and cleverly making them share your content.

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