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SMTP has revolutionized communication technology

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SMTP is the abbreviated form of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a kind of protocol used for sending e-mail among the servers. The e-mail systems that exchange e-mails via internet use SMTP for sending the messages from one server to some other. It is generally used to send e-mail messages from a client to the mail server. It increases the deliverability of mails in less time.

A medium of fast communication

SMTP is a protocol to increase the   communication rate between the mail server and the mail received. A Transmission Control Protocol is typically used to establish the communication. The mail receiver uses command strings for supplying the necessary data by a data stream medium. The commands are generally originated by a particular SMTP client and receive a reciprocal response from a SMTP server and finally the session is opened and the e messages are exchanged in a smooth flow. This transaction system consists of three major commands or reply sequences. These commands are,

·         Mail command- This command is used to establish and construct a return address. This is an address established for bounce messages.
·         RCTP command – This particular command is generated to establish a receiver of the message. It can be used several times, each for every recipient.
·         DATA is issued to send message text. It is the main theme of the message. It comprises of a header and a message body, a blank line segregates both these parts. In general, sense DATA is a group of organized commands. Each server can provide either positive or negative reply.

It is implemented to access and operate mainly over internet port 25. Today after repeated technological advancement an alternative of SMTP is widely in practice in Europe is X.400. Even many servers these days are highly demanding ESMTP or Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which enables the sender the multimedia files as e-mails.  

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