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Google PageRank Update: Everything You Need To Know

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About 3 months after the page rank update in November, Google has just rolled out new PageRank update for various web Page's today on 6th February 2012 and guess what it was good for us. For your information, Google updates page rank in every 3 or 4 months and it was expected in the late January or early February.

Higher Pagerank for Technicia Blog 

Yes our page rank updated from two to three, thanks Google for updating page rank. In addition to that my personal Google+ profile page rank ( for both /post and /about ) updated from one to two. Now I'm looking to launch a new blog about social media specially on Google+ and twitter :D

Last Few Updates

PageRank updated on November 08 2011
PageRank updated on August 05 2011
PageRank updated on July 18 2011
PageRank updated on June 27 2011
PageRank updated on January 20 2011

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a rank given to web page by Google on the basis of sites linking in, note that its not only the total number of sites linking in it but its about the quality of sites linking in. For example I would be very happy if several blogs with page rank 6 link to my blog rather than tons of pr1 blogs linking in.

Actually page rank indicates importance of web page for Google and it was developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Below is the page rank meaning from one to ten.

Page Rank 0: Don't worry, you have nothing to loose :P
Page Rank 1: Poor, But the best part is you can tell your blogging friends you have page rank.
Page Rank 2: Don't worry, 90% of blog has page rank 2. Tip: comment more.
Page Rank 3: Avarage, yeah you just got the real taste of blogging, you need to submit guest posts and do at least two directory submission per month.
Page Rank 4: Good, You are doing it right. Just submit more guest post to sites having pr6 or above.
Page Rank 5: Very Good, please contact me :P
Page Rank 6: Great, you have done some good work and you are one of the top blogs in your niche.
Page Rank 7: Awesome, You are leading the way for other blogs.
Page Rank 8: You are on fire and you must have great fan following.
Page Rank 9: You are best in your niche. example
Page Rank 10: You rule the web but the worst part is you can't improve your page rank. example, etc.

How Can I See PageRank?

There are lots of tools available for viewing your page rank but I would recommend you to install chrome extension named "PageRank Status" for this purpose from here.

Don't worry if you are not using chrome, you can still use online tools like  and to check page rank of desired pages.

What if I'm using FireFox?

Switch to chrome :P(not kidding) or just install PageRank for Firefox.

What if I'm using Internet Explorer? 

I think You should not worry about page rank system, just focus on blogging. However you can still install Google Page Rank Toolbar for this purpose but seriously it will not help.

How Can I Increase My PageRank?

Good question, well the answer is simple, get dofollow backlinks from high page rank blogs, yes getting nofollow backlinks is useless as far as Google page rank is concerned. For increasing your page rak you can do following things.

Submit Guest Posts: 

Submit Guest post to high page rank blogs, start with page rank 2 and move on to high page rank blogs.

Directory Submission: 

Directory submission is very useful tool if you are willing to increase your page rank, it might be difficult as they usually don't accept low quality articles but it worth submitting.

Some Article Directories I would Recommend are, GoArticle, EzineArticle, etc.

Comment, Comment, Comment:

Comment on Dofollow blogs, it might be difficult to find dofollow blogs but they can increase your page rank to great extent. Comments are most valuable if they are done on relevant pages.
Tip: Also comment on nofollow blogs not for page rank but to gain some valuable traffic.

Internal Linking

Do links to your own article, specially use 3 way linking? Three way linking can give you higher page rank in no time.

what is three way linking? 

consider page A, page B and Page C. Now Link page A to page B and then link page B to page C and finally link page C back to page A.

Link To Google

What the heck you are talking about? please calm down Google also needs traffic and want to improve their page rank as well. If you send them some quality traffic, they will send back some quality traffic to you as well.

Link To Other Blogs

Link to other blogs if you trust them i.e. if they are not posting spammy contents, in this way not only you are able to gain other bloggers attention but you can get some link back to your site as well.

Add Your Suggestion

No post is complete without your suggestions, so suggest any tip you got in comment section below. Remember we are not a dofollow blog :P

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