Thursday, 7 June 2012

Instagram: What You Should Know

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You’ve heard everyone talking about this great new app for iPhones called Instagram. If you are someone who loves photography and loves looking at pictures, you will probably love this app. If you do not have an iPhone, you may wonder how you will be able to use Instagram, but have no worries. The developers just released an Instagram app for Droids as well. You may also be wondering what it is that makes this app so popular with so many people. The truth is that Instagram is a great way to show the world the view through your eyes.

What You Should Know About Instagram

About Instagram
Instagram is a free app that you can download for your iPhone and now your Droid as well. Once you have downloaded Instagram, also know as IG for short, you will be able to make an account. You choose your own username and then you will post your first picture. The great thing about IG is that it will let you import a photo that you already had on your phone and edit it. You can add a filter and a border if you want and then post it to your account. Once you have your first picture posted, it’s time for you to follow some people and get some pictures rolling on your feed. You can search for people that you know and follow them or you can search by tag or username. If you like Mini Coopers, you may want to search the Mini Cooper tag and follow some of the other IGers who like Mini Coopers as well.

Instagram has some great features. Aside from following those people with pictures that you like, people can follow you too. If someone posts something that you like, you can double tap the screen and like the picture. Then, it will be saved to your liked list and you can look at it later if you want. When you post a picture, aside from just adding a filter, you can also choose to blur a section of the picture using the blur tool. You can blur a horizontal line or a circle area. You can also add a border to your picture or opt not to. You will also be able to tag your picture. If you post something that has to do with fashion, you will want to add a #fashion tag. Hashtags are all the rage on IG.

If you are looking for a cool new app that you can play around with in your spare time and you don’t want to spend money on an app, why not give IG a try? It is a great way for you to show the world the view through your eyes and get to see pictures that other people took to do the same thing. Instagram has over a million users so you are sure to find some pictures you really enjoy. Give it a try. You’ll really like it!

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