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Get Faster Web Access with a USA VPN

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A USA VPN can help users increase the speed of their online activities.  A VPN prevents the user’s ISP from monitoring, prioritizing, and throttling the user’s online activity.  Additionally, users can access websites that would otherwise be geographically restricted.  The ability to bypass location based IP blocking, increase speed, and secure connections on public Wi-Fi makes a VPN an essential online tool.
While many companies often use VPNs to connect remote workers, they can also benefit individual users looking for online freedom. The following users can benefit greatly from VPNs:

1.  Advanced IT Users
Users with IT backgrounds often have to transfer large amounts of data to their computers.  A VPN will prevent the user’s ISP from throttling their connection.
2. Users of Social Media Sites
Social media sites are frequent targets of Internet censorship.  Consequently, users who travel abroad may lose access to their favorite social networking sites.  A VPN replaces the user’s IP address with one associated with the VPN server.  Websites use IP addresses to identify the user’s location and grant or deny access to their services.  A VPN allows users to browse the internet as if they located in the United States, Europe, or Asia.  By switching servers users can access many websites restricted to specific regions of the world.
3. Smartphone Users
Many Smartphone users unknowingly expose their devices to threats on public Wi-Fi.  A VPN encrypts the user’s entire connection and prevents hacker’s from stealing vital personal data.  The best providers offer 256 bit encryption with protocols such as L2TP/IPsec.
How does a VPN work?

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between the user’s device and the Internet.  All data passing through is encrypted and safe from third parties.
A VPN user is able to achieve faster connection speeds by preventing ISPs from inspecting, prioritizing, and throttling data.  For optimal speed users should select VPN services offering multiple VPN servers, protocols, and unlimited usage.  Distance from the server and protocol compatibility can affect speed.  Premium providers offer servers in the United States, Europe, and Asia with protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN.  This allows users to connect their VPN from a wide variety of locations and on multiple device types. Finally users should always select services that offer unlimited usage.  This ensures that the user’s VPN can be used at any time.

Richard Smith is a long time writer, 1st time blogger.  His niche of choice is technological advances in the 21st century. Richard highly recommends a USA VPN for internet security, speed, and anonymity.
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