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5 wireless keyboards for the iPad

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All iPads come with touch screen options. While some find this option quite convenient but for the others, it become really uncomfortable. The best solution in that case is to opt for an external keyboard. But unfortunately the ones that are available in the market are too clumsy to look at. Actually, these external keyboards are best suited for desktops and laptops. Thus, they appear aesthetically incompatible with the compact structure of iPad.

Moreover, the bulky nature of these keyboards poses discomfort to be regarded as the perfect companion for iPad for those who travel much. Hence, it is always wise to opt for the wireless keyboards designed specifically for iPads. Wireless keyboards transform your working experience on an iPad into that of a fully functional laptop. Five most popular wireless keyboards have been compiled here for your consideration.

1. Apple Wireless Keyboard
This Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPad has been ergonomically designed. It gives the user the closest feel of working on a desktop or laptop. The soft touch keys respond with the slightest touch. So, the user does not need to tap a particular key repeatedly during typing. But the keys are sensitive enough not to respond to casual taping either.

In spite of these advantages some customers argue that the bulky size of the product looks aesthetically incompatible with an iPad. Further, it appears to be too clumsy for being a perfect travel companion. But the comment from the manufacturer in this regard is really noteworthy.
It states that the weight of the keyboard is much lighter as compared to the bulky appearance of the same. Although aesthetically it seems to be a mismatch with a compact iPad but it is meant for serious people with serious business.

2. Belkin Wireless Keyboard with case
The Belkin Keyboard Folio contains a highly sophisticated and compact wireless keyboard. It is of a dimension of 9.1 inches x 1.1inches x 11.9 inches. It weighs 1.7 lbs only. So, this wireless option is much better that the discomfort of working on an iPad touch screen. Again, it is also a superior substitute for the bulky, conventional, wired keyboards too.

Belkin claims that the keys of this wireless keyboard are well spaced. This guarantees ease of typing. The clear directions in the attached instruction manual help the user to connect the device with the iPad in just five minutes. This keyboard has a folding flap. It slides back to the bottom to provide space for mounting the iPad while working.

3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard
This Logitech Wireless keyboard is equipped with two wing-like features. These wings slide out and transform into a full sized keyboard. It also has an inbuilt iPad stand. Further, it has an automatic power switch. The switch operates every time the wings are popped out and folded back. Simultaneously, the device gets turned on and off.
The nonmetallic surface makes the overall weight of the case together with the keyboard almost negligible. This wireless keyboard weighs 1.1 lb only. The ergonomic key spacing and the full sized keys make typing much more convenient as compared to other ordinary wireless keyboards. This product is ideal for frequent travelers.

4. iMage Wireless Keyboard from Cygnett
Cygnett has joined the bandwagon of the most suitable wireless keyboards for iPad. Thus, it has launched its product that is compatible with both iPad and iPad2. The keyboard gets connected to the iPad with the help of embedded magnets. The whole process is fairly simple and takes hardly a few seconds to get completed.
The upper covering of the faux leather case of this keyboard serves an additional purpose too. It is equipped with an inbuilt iPad stand which can be erected. Hence, the iPad can be mounted on it while working.

5. iLuv Keypad
This wireless version is best for the iPad users who give similar preference to aesthetic appeal and the functional features of their equipments. The ultra slim edge of this keyboard is worth appreciating. The contrasting silver border and the black keys make the keyboard look elegant. The aesthetic appeal of the soft touch keys resembles that of a laptop.

The ergonomic spacing of the keys and the firm platform all around the device provides comfort to the user during heavy typing. It is powered by two AA cells and looks like a prototype of standard full size Apple wireless keyboard.

Before shopping for the best wireless keyboard for iPad, it is essential to analyze your requirements, the nature of your work and technical specs you are looking for in your device. Once all these scores have been settled opting for the best wireless keyboard that is compatible with your iPad will be easier.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on health and parenting. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought  Bath Toys for Toddlers. These days she is busy in writing an article on Home remedies.

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