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5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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Monetizing your blog is not as complicated as you might think. You don't have to worry about programming skills or learning HTML. If you can write your blog, you can monetize it. But, just remember, only original and quality content would actually help you earn through your blog.
Here are the five easiest ways to monetize your blog:

1. Google Adsense
No matter what you read in forums, this is still one of the easiest ways to display advertising on your blog. Of course, the advertisements should be related to the content on your blog. The amount you earn would depend a lot on how much traffic your blog attracts. Google finds the ads that suit the content on your blog and lets you generate the code which can easily be pasted at the top, bottom, or on the sidebar of your blog. You could even have special ads within single posts too. You could display the advertisements in the regular feed of your blog as well. Remember, you would need to adjust the size, font, and colours of the ads to suit your blog. Also, you would need to post pretty regularly on your blog – possibly every single day – to really earn something as it would depend a lot on how useful your blog content is.

2. Paid Reviews
Everyone wants to read about how well a product works before buying it. People want to know if a service provider is trustworthy before paying. Reviews are some of the most read articles on the Internet. Paid reviews have text links at the end. A review assures the reader that someone genuine has tried a product or availed a particular service and is writing about it with complete honesty. Paid reviews are a trusted form of advertising. You could start writing your own reviews with text links to products you recommend to other people. Look around on the Internet for companies that offer money for reviewing their products and services on your blog.

3. Affiliate Links
Products and services described in your blog are a great way to earn. These are called affiliate links and available from manufacturers of products, providers of services, and affiliate companies that collect affiliate links for you. For example, if you talk about a particular skill in your blog like baking cakes, it would be helpful to post an advertisement for cake-baking mixtures. The visitors to your blog are more likely to visit affiliate links if they find them useful. Avoid blatant advertising as it puts off readers and they don't like to click on advertisements.
4. Sell Space
This way of monetizing your blog is only possible if you have a lot of traffic and original content. You could then approach advertisers around you to buy space on your blog for $10-20. You could choose blocks of space – of different sizes - exactly where you want on your blog and then offer it to advertisers. You would have to approach people directly in person or via the Internet to sell ad space.

5. Image Advertisements
Monetizing your blog photographs is a whole new genre. You don't even need space on your blog to use advertisements on your photos. If you have a photo-intensive blog, it's a great way to attract attention to your advertisements. These ads appear on photos and videos only when people mouse over these objects. You can look up companies that particularly offer ads-on-images options for their products and services.
In all, these are some of the most popular methods of monetizing your blog, but there are several other methods to help you earn via your blog. You could offer services and products yourself through your blog.

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