Tuesday, 1 May 2012

3 Good Ways To Get Cash For An Old Mobile

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With the dizzying rate that new cell phones are introduced in the US, it’s a wonder we aren’t changing our phones every week. However we are changing them every two years on average and early adopters probably switch up to a new phone every year, which then leads to a tremendous amount of cell phones that are then in need of recycling and or a new home.

If you happen to upgrade to a new cell phone more frequently than the rest of us, it might be time to weigh your options when it comes to discarding your old mobile. You can leave it sitting in your sock drawer to collect dust or you can sell it to a third party agency that will then find it a new more deserving home - than your sock drawer and all the while, you can make a bit of coin in the process.

So let’s take a look at three good ways to get cash for your old mobile, that don’t require too much of your time plus - anyone can try the three methods described below.

1. Sell Locally via Craigslist 

For a quick offline sale, you can’t beat the behemoth of local sales - Craigslist. Assuming you live in the US and in a big and nicely populated city, this method is most likely your best bet for a quick local sale. If you’re wondering about costs? To list your item and to message any prospective buyers is completely FREE, which makes this option inexpensive as well. Selling (and buying) is pretty straightforward as the site is simple, minimalistic and intuitive. Just about anything can be sold via this site as there are numerous categories in the “for sale” section including electronics, cell phones, household and more.

2. Sell Online Via Gazelle 

If you rather not fool with Craigslist or buyers directly, then an online option might be best suited for you. Gazelle is one of the better known gadget recyclers which includes cell phones and smartphones and handles everything for you neatly, quickly and for not too much. Essentially you send in your mobile, they inspect it and then let you know what it’s worth. If it has value past a certain dollar amount, Gazelle then sends you a check in the mail for its value.

3. Sell To Your Social Network 

I have several family members and friends who opt to use Facebook for the recycling of their gadgets. They simply post that they have such and such item they no longer need or want and offer it up to the highest bidder or quickest buyer. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that your social network is one of the best ways to get cash for your old stuff including used cell phones, such as older model iPhone’s. Simply post about it as a status update on Facebook and watch the sweet offers roll in.

Nowadays it has become easier than ever to responsibly discard of older tech and gadgets, and when a bit of  money comes into the equation as well, it’s a no brainer really. Whether you want to do a quick local unload, go online to a third party agent or ask your social network, it’s easier than ever to get cash for old mobile phones and other gently used tech.

What is your preferred way to get cash for old mobile phones? Tell me below in the comment area please.

Author Bio:
Missy writes for various clients including a reverse cell phone lookup service provider online. When she’s not busy dishing on mobile news topics, she rides her scooter, jogs around the lakefront and loves a good cup of joe.
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