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How to Determine Whether to Buy iPad 2 or the New iPad

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Buying a gadget device is a very great and thrilling experience, especially when it’s a tablet from Apple Inc. The graphics, the feel of adding a new device to your collection makes it even more inviting to buy, but with all these great promises comes a task: and that’s the task of choice.
With Apple’s introduction of the latest iteration of its popular iPad tablet, many would be thinking of buying one while it’s still fresh in the market. My friend was even suggesting getting an open door loan to buy a tablet. As one would expect, sales for the previous version would have significantly dropped, but so will the price.

Aside the confusion, there are many other factors that makes the new iPad stand out and different from its predecessor. Below are some things you might consider before making your final choice.
5 Megapixel Rear Camera
With the rear camera on the iPad 2, there’s much to be desired about having a camera on a tablet. While many might not buy the idea of using an iPad as a replacement for camera, you’ll find that of the new iPad tablet creative. With the new 5-magepixel sensor the iPad has, you will get the same quality as the iPhone 4S and the camera also allows you to shoot in 1080p HD video.
However, the VGA camera in the new iPad remains the same as that in the iPad 2, which has made those looking for teleconferencing on the iPad run from it.
But with the type of quality I was able to get when shooting video for my open door loan campaign, I was anticipating the newly released iPad will be much greater.
No one planning to buy a new iPad tablet can afford to ignore this offer. LTE (Long Term Evolution) cellular technology is, at the moment, the fastest technology you can think of. This has never been in the Apple tablet until now. 4G LTE makes browsing the internet on your mobile device almost 10x as fast as the normal 3G experience, but at the same price.
So if you are considering buying an iPad but don’t know which of the two is a good choice for you, you might have to put this into consideration.
But, not all ISPs are supporting the technology yet, which makes the 3G roaming the new iPad has a good deal.
Higher Resolution
Not so long, Apple introduced what is known as retina display. The idea is that the screen of the device having it will be packed with more pixels and the image display will surpass that of other graphic devices.
The new screen on the iPad has twice the resolution on the previous one. It has doubled from 1024 x 768 to 2058 x 1536. The advantage of this is when you hold the iPad at an optimal distance of 15-inches from your eye it produces an image that is higher in resolution than that of the HD television.
Lastly, you might want to make your choice based on the price both devices go for. iPad 2 now sells at $399 which is now cheaper than its actual price. It’s a steal for that price.
The new iPad, however, goes for $499, that is $100 higher than the price of iPad 2.
Above all, whichever of the devices you go for depends solely on your taste.

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